Reputable (or not reputable) Power Supply Brands

Hi I was just wondering what brands for power supplies are reputable. I have read up on this but only got a few brands (Antec, Fortron, Seasonic) and was just wondering if anyone had any brands that they want to rave about (or brands to wipe from the face of this earth). Thanks!
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  1. I'm known to rave about Enermax... I like them. :-)

  2. Thanks. I think after I get a bunch of manufacturers I will have a poll. If anyone has a favorite (or hatred) list them here!
  3. Thermaltake is respected too.

  4. I want to destroy Q-tec.
  5. agreed with all above, my fav is Enermax.

    who I would buy off:


    who i would avoid, if falling that i would beat em to death with a block of cheese! MUHAHAHAHA! a'hem anyway:

    all standard PSUs that come in shop built computers

    other dont know where to put them never used them myself:

  6. Enermax, Fortron, and Seasonic are my faves.
  7. Hiper makes power supplies that are...not so likely to blow your system apart when they fail. This is a very good trait to have in an inexpensive power supply.
  8. In my opinon Pc power and cooling makes the best PSU..their $$$

    rock solid voltages, top of the line internal componets...built like a tank
    I got a 400W from 3 years ago and it still doesn't budge on the voltages, to me that says alot about the company

    My second is a OCZ mod stream 450w, just got one 5 months ago. Not a problem yet and its voltages are rock solid too. Good looks and its modular, which I was worried about that, but I have faith now :P ..OCZ that is!!! :lol:

    good luck
  9. Add Antec, PC Power and Cooling, Zippy, Wintact (not to be mistaken with Wintech), Etasis, and brands used by companies like HP and Dell, such as Lite-On, Delta, and Emerson/Astec, none which are common on the retail market, except as replacement parts.

    Ignore other brands, such as Sirtec (makes Thermaltake and several other brands), especially since Fortron is so good and cheap.
  10. Quote:
    I want to destroy Q-tec.

    Can I help?
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