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How do I connect two computers to incoming DSL?

Last response: in Components
January 3, 2006 4:15:34 AM

Ive got a RJ45 connector and cable coming into my NIC card on my desktop PC from my DSL Provider for Intenet access. I want to get another desktop computer and use the same DSL connection to connect the Intenet to my 2nd desktop computer. I dont want to use a wireless connection to my 2nd computer. What hardware do I need and how do I connect the 2nd computer from the first computers DSL connection? In other words, I want two desktop computers to run off 1 incoming DSL connection.

Thanks guys.
January 3, 2006 4:39:21 AM

There are two ways to do this.

1. Run the first computer as a router. For this you put another network card in the computer and configures the computer to forward traffic between the two cards. This requires this computer to be running if you want to use the Internet connection on the second computer.

2. Buy a DSL router and connect both computers and the DSL modem to it. With a DSL router there is no need for the first computer to be running...