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I'm just curious since there are a few "pro" features I'm missing since getting my new machine (with 7 home). I have a full version of 7 pro but if its too much of a headache I'm not sure how many hoops I'm willing to go through just yet..
Forum after forum I can't seem to find a close enough answer to my whole question. Since 7 pro is not an upgrade, will I have to do a clean install? Or is there something easier than XP's files and settings transfer wizard that can ease my irritation?
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  1. It should be a simple upgrade even when using a full version of Windows7 Pro.

    Windows should recognize the home version and allow you to just upgrade.
  2. I've got to ask, what features are you missing out on?
  3. Can't you do an anytime upgrade? I thought you should be able to reactivate windows using the new key without having to reinstall.
  4. Only a couple I know without checking. Remoting in, some network versatilities, disk management features.. I know there's probably ways around with 3rd party stuff, but I never have trusted those (from experiences).
    Aside from not wanting the slimmed down version, I'm getting beyond the scope of what home is geared toward with school and eventually work.
  5. I'm not sure what you mean by "network versatilities" or any disk management features that might be missing. I use logmein for any remoting that needs to get done. Only thing I know pro gets you over home is a higher max RAM limit, XP mode which is useless for gamers as no video acceleration is possible, and the ability to join a domain. The ram limit for home is still pretty high, and you'll probably be on win8 before you exceed it. Unless you need to join a domain, there isn't much reason for pro.
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