Memory question... what to buy?

Right now i have 2 sticks of 128 mb RDram... i have 2 more slots and i was wondering...

Will generic sticks work ok or will that mess up my system?
Heres what im looking at

Obviously buying a pair of those sticks would greatly improve memory...
256 -> 768... i just hope they work well and dont mess up things by being so cheap
Otherwise i was looking at this...
But thats much more
There are also so more sticks to be considered at, basically im just not informed enough to make the right decision...

And im 90% sure i have PC1066, but is there a sure way to tell if its that or PC800?

If you have any other suggestions and/or opinions, please tell me, thanks
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  1. Generic should work, but I like to put higher quality RAM in my systems. You get what you pay for in memory. With the price of that second link you'd be halfway to a decent new rig...
  2. Good lord RDRAM is a rip off.

    Get the cheap stuff. LOL. Omni guarantees compatibility.

  3. Yeah i was thinking basically the same... i was just wasnt sure if it would run properly and to the factory specs since it's generic brand (cheap).
    It says something like that in the blue print at the bottom of that first link.
    Any opinions?
  4. Download the software CPU-Z in this link to check and make sure you have PC1066 or PC800. . If you are really in tight budget get the cheap one.
  5. omfg thats expensive memory 85$ for 256mb generic... dude thats horrible for 140$ you can get ocz gold series pc3200(2X512) with 2-2-2-5 timings.
    Id consider upgrading to 939 or socket T if i were you.
  6. i dont have ddr...
    the rd is more expesive becomes its runs more efficiently...
    i guess you can say its better if your friggin rich :cry:
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