Is 9550 3D marks in 3DMark05 good?

the freeware edition, using an Opteron 175 and a X1800XT...

I thought it would break 10k, but do not know the scale either.
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  1. you have an average good score.

    It goes 7000 tru 12000

    in most cases 9000 TRU 10000
  2. No. Your hardware sucks.

    However, I am a nice fellow and will purchase it from you CHEEP.
  3. Is that a stock run?

    If so, then Its quite a nice score. Breaking 10k in 05 without overclocking, having a DC CPU or multi-GPU setup is very good. You were damn close, so I would feel pretty good about that machine.
  4. He's a veteran, I can only assume he's kidding, Raven...
  5. Well....never can tell...scarred me though :oops:

    All aside, nice rig...good score.
  6. No sewiouswy, I don't dwell on BM and only wanted a baseline before intalling bunch of progs.

    Does running 1920x1200 res hurt your 3DMark scores compared to 640x480?
    What about 16k verses 32k color?
  7. Yes and no. If you run a higher resolution (or lower) you'll get a different score. It doesn't "hurt" your score, it just makes it different. By default, almost everyone runs the bench at 1024x768 and everything on default for comparison purposes. No FSAA or Anistropic filtering.

    9550 3DMarks is very good. I score just around 12,000 w/ my dual 7800 GTX overclocked setup. Right now my processor is holding me back from a score in the 15,000's.

  8. I will rerun it. I did it stock card settings, but at 1900x1200 at 32k colors.
  9. WTF! I ran it at 1024x768 and I got worse, 9400 marks...
    It runs better at higher res
  10. :lol: d'ont be sad... you can play any game high res with thaT 8)

    i play with half of your score :roll:
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