Windows 7 corrupted file/endless boot...

Hi all,

I'm building my first computer, and everything has gone semi-smoothly thus far. At first, when I put my OEM version of Windows 7 Professional into the computer and booted from the cd drive, the disk installed to 97 percent or so, and then flashed an error msg:

oxc000000f: the selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt.

It also mentioned that:
"the system volume on disk is corrupt."

So I ran system repair, and now the cursed thing is booting endlessly. It'll install almost all the way, then prompt me to restart; afterwards, once the disk loads again, I'll be back at the install screen, and I'll have to go through the install process again. It's as if it was an endless loop.

My computer is an Asus p7p55d-e lx with an intel i5 760. I've checked the RAM, and I don't think it's an issue. Might I have a bad disk?

Any and all help would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.
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  1. THE disc is defective !
  2. you will need a new disc to install!
  3. I would check your HDD
    use something like ubcdw or hirens boot cd (bart pe) to run a disk check
    or if you have a spare try to install to a different hdd just for testing purpose
  4. i agree check hdd for errors!
  5. Run manufacturers test software on the hdd.
  6. When you get problems with installing Windows 7 the first thing that you should check is the memory. The hard drive is probably ok as you are not getting a SMART error and the media is probably ok if you don’t get a read error and the media is genuine Microsoft. I would check your computer with a memory test program such as memtest86 or at a pinch the memory test program on the Windows 7 installation disc. Windows 7 is very critical of the memory and the slightest problem will result in the kinds of problems you are having.
    You said that you checked the memory, how? Did you run the test for long enough? Try installing Windows with only one stick of memory fitted.
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