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Gainward gf3 VIVO+dvi*$199*+ cool trade items!!

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December 7, 2001 5:25:08 PM

just bought a matrox g550 for my new dual set up so I have my old GF3 for sale. Its just the card only. For drivers you can go to the gainward website. I paid $340 for this 4 months ago, so at $199 I think its a very reasonable price. Im in NY at Columbia U, so if anyone who wants this is nearby, youre welcome to come on over and we can try it out before you take it home.

ok I now have pics:

Another Anandtechs comparison, this time a 9/10 gf3 shootout winner - best 2d on a gf3...

Its like this but it I spent an exrtra $10 and put on a nice blue orb cooler instead of the one shown

the official description is: GEFORCE3 POWERPAK GOLDEN SAMPLE 64MB W/TV-OUT, VIVO(Video In & Out), DVI Enhance Mode/Over-Clock
Dont ask me what enhanced mode o/c is, although I stuck on a blue orb I never o/ced it much (theres an o/c utility from gainward you can do it in windows), but I remember it was already set at faster than normal gf3 speeds by default. Anandtech ran his at 235/515.
I just remember this thing was fast. Damn fast.
Heres a spec:

NVIDIA GeForce3 GPU, 256-bit 2D & 3D graphics architecture. AGP 2X/4X with Fast Writes. Memory size up to 64MB with 4Mx16 ultra fast DDR SDRAM. Support high resolution up to 2048x1536@75Hz. Build-in 350MHz RAMDAC with gamma correction. NTSC / PAL TV-Out with flicker filter. TV-Out resolution up to 800x600. Composite & S-Video TV-Out, LCD output with DVI connector

Hope this answers some of the questions Ive had.


Some items I have for trade:
1) Windows XP Lava Lamp. Really cool to look at except I cant find a practical use for it ;) 
2) PALM software:
a) ListAnything MobileDB (Database for palm handsrping sony etc)
b)PocketMoney (financial thingy for checks, creditcards, expenses lists etc)
Both of these are unopened and brand New!
3) Business Attache Laptop case with Padded Laptop compartment sells for $59.99
4)2 in 1 Duffle Bag sells for $39.99
Both 3,4 are shrink wrapped and in brand new condition. This is a clear out for xmas! Take advantage!

April 17, 2002 3:11:40 AM

i'm curious if you still have this vid card (its been almost 5 months since this post)