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while taking my heatsink off the cpu , which by the way is a socket 754 i was wondering what size is the fan thats attached to the heatsink?? I was comparing it to my case fan and it seams to be a 60mm fan , is this correct?? IF it is can i buy a better 60mm fan that faster or whatever and attach it to the heatsink instead of what came with the cpu heatsink bundle, will that work??
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  1. Sure you can replace your HS Fan, you just need to figure out how a different fan can attach. Sometimes the screw holes won't line up, etc.
  2. any idea what size the fan is on it, i would messure it but i dont have a ruler in my house, lol, seriously i dont. It looks like 60mm but not sure. So as long as i can get it to attach to the heatsink i should be good. I wonder if i can buy just a fan thats made for the heatsink. couldnt find one on newegg.
  3. It could be 60mm, but it's probably 70mm. And 70mm fans are fairly hard to find.
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