Building gaming computer with around $2000, help im new!

Aight, I worked my ass off, and now have money to blow on a nice computer. I want this geared toward gaming, since that is what I would mostly use it for, that, internet and some schoolwork. I will not be editing photos or movies or anything like that, or buring DVDs maybe a few cds though.

The key thing, is I want it upgradable for the future, and don't want any bells and whistles--like glass cases or LCD lights, just a damn good gaming computer. My goal is to play CoD2 at sweet graphics and FEAR etc. I also do not have to spend all $2000 bucks, its just my personal budget. Also, the monitor I will be using is just a 15 inch LCD screen (I don't think I really would enjoy that much of a larger screen and monitors are expensive)

I like the idea of a Dual Core 64 bit processor, and a nice ATi or Nvidia card. I am totally open to any suggestions for a sweet set up in this range. I have never built a computer before, and don't intend to overclock it. Thanks for any help! -Ben
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  1. Case: Centurian 5 ~$70 w/0 PSU (well built case - love the fact that the air intakes have filters on them)

    Processor - AMD 4000+ (single core) or 4400+ X2. I have the latter and have OC'ed it to 2.42 GHz (essentially now a 4800+) just by increasing the FSB to 220. Stable as a rock. The 4400 is ~500

    2 GB memory - Suggest OCZ - Even the Platinum will only cost you about $220. No need to get more unless using Windows x64 - the other versions don't support more than 3 GB.

    Enermax PSU - I have a Coolmax 650 W which is good and about ~$130. However, a lot of people recommend Enermax because it is stable, reliable and quite. Get at least 600 W - that way, when you upgrade, you can keep the case and PSU. ~$150

    DVD Recordable drives/Floppy disk - I personally like Lite-On. 2 DVD drives will cost you ~$120 if you get single layer OEM. If you want, get one of them as dual layer if you really need to burn disks that are ~9 GB. HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting a floppy disk. Makes BIOS updates and driver installs very easy.

    CPU Cooler - I suggest the Zalman 7000 or 7700. I have the latter and it keeps my CPU at 27 deg. C at idle, even though its overclocked. Make sure you get the all copper type and check motherboard compatability (they can be big). ~60 for the 7700.

    Video card(s) - eVga 7800 GT CO. Stock overclocked almost to the 7800GTX level. I have two in SLi and they burn a hole in the ground. I got 12,000 3DMark05. ~600

    MB - If you can get it, both Abit and Asus have x32 boards. Currently, each video card in an SLi configuration can only operate at x8 transmission speeds. These boards allow each card in an SLi system to transmit at x16 speed (x16 times 2 = x32). Go with either ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe or the Abit AN8 32x. ~225

    Seagate Baracuda 250 GB SATA HD. ~110

    Total: ~$2150. This would be an evil system.
  2. well if you can get a extra 238 $ and have the keyboard mouse hard drive cd drive os ( assuming you do since you have a monitor) you can build a kick ass rig for 2238$ (+ shipping)

    mobo video cpu

    video psu


    sound card


    if not for 1702$(+shipping)

    mobo video cpu


    sound card



    that whould leave close to 300$ for extra stuff without going over your budget (keyboard mouse hard drive cd drive os if you dont have them) then when you get extra cash you could put in 2nd video card if you like. you could exchange alot of the parts for diffrent ones if yout like like case memory ect but i think hands down the mobo video and fx chip are one the best setups iv seen on sale in awhile. Thats about as close as i can get you to 2k personally the top setup is the one im gettting here in next
    week or so .

    EDIT I dident add the duel core into this b/c the gameing proformance dosent match up to the single core at this time for price vs proformance
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