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Soyo SY-KT600 Dragon Plus v2.0...BIOS problems..HELP!!!

Last response: in Motherboards
January 4, 2006 12:50:28 AM

OK....First off, heres what I am running...

AthlonXP 3300+ 32bit (using the "boxed" fan)
400 watt Power supply.
Radeon Pro 9800 256mb
Onboard sound/LAN

I have been trying to upgrade the BIOS on this board since i got it a few months back. I have downloaded the latest BIOS as well as the flash software from the Soyo website. When I go to flash the board, I get the following error message...

Error 20- Flash ROM cannot be correctly programmed.
Disable USB.

I have gone into the BIOS and disabled all USB functionality, and I still get the error mesage. I dont know what to do, can anyone help me get pointed in the right direction, Soyo tech support has yet to respond to my many emails.

I have two of these boards, and they both are having the same issues, I will list some....

-Comp loses "view' of hard-drives. Sometime I can just reboot, other times I have to go in to the BIOS and manually reset the harddrives. Othwer times I even have to clear the CMOS and redo the whole BIOS setup to get it to "see" my drives.

-I hear a fairly loud "click" coming from my computer box, followed by a complete lockup of my system for anywhere from 5 seconds to infinite (reboot). I have switched out hard-drives, and it does this with each one.

-WindowsXP will suddenly treat a large percentage of my installed programs as "newly installed" programs. (I get the "new Programs Installed" message).

-Unexpectedly Reboots itself.

Those are the main problems, PLEASE help if you can...I am about out of options.
a b V Motherboard
January 5, 2006 9:45:18 AM

None of your problems really sound like a BIOS problem. Rather, it sounds like you either have a crappy power supply or a failing hard drive, or BOTH, which would be really unfortunate.
January 5, 2006 2:45:29 PM

I actually agree, I have been researching this for a few days now, I am going to have my power supply tested this afternoon.

As for the BIOS, I still need to get it upgraded for the board to recognize my CPU properly.
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a b V Motherboard
January 5, 2006 7:01:11 PM

I'm fairly sure the system BIOS configuration screen has an option such as "BIOS Write Protect" which is called something else. This would need to be turned off.
January 6, 2006 8:45:25 PM

I had my power supply tested, it looks fine. AFter i put it back in my system it seems to be working, I will find out for sure tonight when I get online for some gaming. If it does crash again I am planning to go buy a power supply and try it for a few days to see if it fixes things. i can always return it if needed.

i will check the BIoS for the Write Protect feature, the thing is though, when I have tried to flash it before, it specifically says to disable the USB.