ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe - S/PDIF issue

I have this motherboard and I can't get the S/PDIF audio out to work using a Toslink fiber optic cable? Anyone have this problem and a solution?

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  1. from what I understand S/PDIF is a ditail output not an optical output. the reason it is not working is cause you have the fiber optic cable connected and not the coax cable (digital).
  2. The digital signal can be transmitted with:

    A coaxial cable
    A TOSLink fiber optic cable

    And if one would be dumb enough to plug a coax cable in a TOSlink connector or viceversa, then he don't deserve to have a computer.
  3. What do you means by not working. No sound at all or no digital 5.1 AC3 sound from movie? And is it connected to some sort of external amplifier?

    Try to locate a small filter named AC3 Filter and download it. It will make your 5.1 movie to sound in all their glory..
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