Why bigger the ram size = bigger the virtual memory size?

Hi everyone..
I've been wondering for this question for longtime.
Why is that, more ram we have in our computer, bigger the virtual memory size is recommended?
ex: 512 RAM, Windows suggests 766Virtual memory
1GB RAM, Windows suggests 1534 virtual memory

I'm kinda newb to this area..so hope that you guys could help me out to understand this, thanks a lot! any input is welcome :wink:
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  1. Actually, Windows isn't setting a bigger value- it's setting an equal value to what you had before. As a general rule, applications will use all the memory than can get and then some- even at the 1GB of physical memory level. Windows knows this and always multiplies your system RAM by 1.5 and sets the virtual memory at that value.

    (for example, take 512MB (5,120,000) and multiply it by 1.5. Do the same w/ 1GB (1,024,000,000)) (sorry if my 0's are off, lol)

    This is where some people argue that Windows in inefficient and a lot people choose to set their own virtual memory values.

    Certainly if you have > or =2GB of RAM you may want to consider disabling virtual memory all together.

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