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I was wondering if anyone could point me to benchmarks that would compare performance between a single dual-core processor and a dual processor single core machine. I didn't see anything on - at least not Intel.

Thanks a ton in advance!
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  1. A comparison eh!
    One is too hot, the other is even hotter. That's about all the comparison most people need.
  2. try the CPU charts here ;)
  3. Why?
    There are no xeons in the charts, and even if thier were singal core xeons, in a dual chip setup, there are no benches yet for the dual core xeons.
    Since there are no dual chip setups for the P4, he can only mean xeon.
  4. Quote:
    try the CPU charts here ;)

    Perhaps I'm just not seeing it, but I don't see any dual processor single core configurations on the CPU charts. Am I missing it, or should I look elsewhere?
  5. there's no such thing as that kind of benchmark comparison as I know so far but there are lots of benchmarks in THG that compares a dual core CPU to a double-core CPU.
  6. That chart is only for desktop chips. Since Intel has not made desktop chips that work in twos, since the P3 days, I'd bet you wont find any there.
    Any type of server type benchmarking is hard to find. Sorry I cant be of more help.
  7. Yeah... the closest thing you're going to find are dual processor Xeon setups. Dual processor Pentium 4 motherboards are not made. You have to have a Xeon for dual processors.

  8. my applogys.. that was late at night and i mis read the post...
  9. Thank you to everyone who replied. This is a good starting point, anyway :)
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