About GB NX78T256V-B/PCIE/7800GT 256 chipset,need soem help

I was looking at prices and i found that this Giga-Byte graphic is cheaper that asus one.What do u think ? Is it good as cards from other manufacturers?

The chipset is GB NX78T256V-B/PCIE/7800GT 256.

Btw if i use GB mother board will it go better with it ?
And what u think procesor is better for games ? Amd Or Intel ?
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  1. anyone answer pls ? ??
  2. Hi

    1. Well there are other manufacturers ...but i like asus and GB...there is XFX as well.

    2. I doubt that using a GB mobo will give u any significant advantage.

    3. AMD till date is the best CPU for Gaming.

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