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I just got two new pieces of my soon to be computer yesterday and after a long struggle I got the power supply in. I got the P180 case from Fry's and also the Powersupply too. True Power 550w 2.0. It fits and I got it inside the case but I have 2 questions. Is there any way for me to see if the PSU works without having any other hardware plugged in? Because I have none at the moment, also my second question is the instructions from this case say I can put the PSU in with the fan on the top or bottom. Can I actually put the PSU with the fan facing down towards the bottom of the case? There is a hole in which the heat could escape and get blown out through the back if I did, but I never built a computer before so I am confused what I can do. I just never seen a PSU with the fan facing down like that. Well if you could help a newb like me out I would like it much.
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  1. Well you can Connect two of the Black wires on the ATX plug (DONT do it till someone says im right i cant remember if im correct) but you can start up the psu by connecting two of the pins on the atx plug. But if you got your stuff new and not referb from newegg you got 1 year replacement thing on it so i wouldnt worrie to much.
  2. Thanks a billion, but where exactly is the ATX plug? I am totally new to this.
  3. Like i said dont connect them cause im not completely sure, but the atx plug comes out of the powersupply and it has either 20 or 24pins depending on your powersupply. Its about a 1.5inches long and its the only one so its hard to miss.
  4. Quote:
    Can I actually put the PSU with the fan facing down towards the bottom of the case?

    im worried about this comment, the PSU has two fans one on the bottom and one on the back the one on the bottom brings air in from inside the case and the on the back pulls that air through into the outside. you do have it setup like this dont you?
  5. For testing your PSU buy a PSU tester. Frys should have them if not, compusa I know has them.

    They are about $12 and well worth it.

    The pin jumping idea works but it is very dangerous.
  6. You're supposed to mount the power supply with any lid mounted fan facing down towards the CPU. That allows it to pull hot air away from the CPU and blow it out the back of the case.
  7. Oh, hey, I was thinking of a different "fairly new" model, probably the P160W.

    For that case you'd want a lid mounted fan facing upward, since that's where the large space is (looks like around 1.5 inches).

    Funny thing about the P180, it substitutes a good design, which would be a standard layout with a 120mm PSU intake fan, alternative design substituting a 120mm PSU intake fan...without the PSU!
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