Good bang for buck? Asus A8N-E + A643700+ 7800GT

I am finally upgrading my Althlon 1800 and 9700 Pro :) Needs are mostly gaming (WoW, and planning on getting Oblivion - the Morrowind Sequel) and some (rarely) large rar files and video. Looking to get the best bang for my buck.

How does this look? I am posting in this forum because its the mobo I know the least about. I dont think I need SLI, and currently dont have any firewire devices, though it woulda been nice if it had it.

But most of all I want a trouble free, rock stable board.

Anyway pls look this over and let me know what you think.

Athlon 64 3700+ (San Diego) Retail $233.63

Asus A8N-E Motherboard $109.79
Socket 939, nForce4 Ultra, ATX, 4GB DDR, 2000MHz Bus (no SLI, no Firewire)

eVGA GeForce 7800 GT 256MB $302.69
DDR3/PCI-E/VIVO/Dual-DVI (Retail Box + Quake 4)

$646.11 + shipping

from Monarch cpu/mobo combo

THG user reviews of mobo

BTW, current PSU is Antec Truepower 420W, memory is 2x512 Corsair valueram, 2 HDDs, 80g and 200g, and 1 optical drive (DVD+-RW).

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  1. My only knock on your choice is the Power Supply :cry: ; I would recommend 460W or better and dual +12V rails with 30A total on it.
    I put together a similar setup over xmas and had the same power supply you have, after reading some posts on other forums I decided to pick up something better and found this at PC Club :D (also Newegg):

    A6213452 PS SOLYTECH 460W 20+4PIN SLI READY V2.0 Dual +12V rails @33A total, $59.99 and $20 mail-in rebate (PcClub).

    OCed my 7800GT and system, runs great :D .
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