My computer doesnt use the arial font

something happened to my computer, all my text became Italicized, tried the registry value fixed, but all that happened is change tha fonts to sans serif or something similar, some texts are still italicized, and I cant use/see the arial font anymore. Somebody help me. Pls.
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  1. Did you try going to the control panel > appearance and personalization > fonts > font setting. then Restore default font settings?

    Or did you delete the font? Click on start > type "FONTS" in the search box. Is Arial still there? If you need it, I can send it to you.
  2. Tried doing it, but to no avail. I removed the arial font and reinstalled it, I can use it on MS Word, but the font settings for my computer/browser is still either italicized/bold or sans serif. :(
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