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Help me compare these 3 different 2GB DDR kits

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January 4, 2006 5:28:46 PM

I'm looking for memory for a system I'm planning (AMDx2 4400+, Asus A8N-E, 7800GT OC), and am looking at 3 different 2GB OCZ sets at a local Canadian store (price in $CDN, fwiw):

PC3200, cheapest after rebate, CL2-3-2-5

PC4200, Almost as cheap, CL3-3-3-8

PC5400, Most expensive, CL4-4-4-8

Can anyone make a recommendation of whether the more expensive ones will make an appreciable difference? I don't plan on OCing very much, if at all.


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January 4, 2006 10:36:48 PM

if you're going to game id say the 2-3-2-5 cas latency would be you best bet.
check out newegg probably endup being cheaper.
January 4, 2006 11:12:32 PM

OCZ and Corsair makes good stuff... IMO...
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January 5, 2006 4:32:25 PM

If you aren't going to overclock, there would be no reason to get the higher frequency memory.

Go for the lowest latency PC3200 memory you can find.
January 5, 2006 5:07:15 PM

My system is set up like this:

Mem:CPU is on a 4:5 divider so my CPU is at 250 and my DDR is at 208. The timimgs are 2-2-2-5. This gives me better memory bandwidth and system performance than running the mem:cpu ratio at 1:1 at 250 with mem timings at 2.5-4-3-6.

So if you can get your CPU up to 240-250 FSB, use the 5:6 divider with the 3200 DDR and the low latency. Your mem will run a little over 200 but with those timings, it's better than loose timings at a 1:1.

Hope that helps.

Oh, and that OCZ 2GB PC3200 is at Newegg for $195 after rebates. Look at my post. Has the link.
January 6, 2006 5:20:48 PM

Very helpful, thanks to everyone for the assistance.

Yeah, I noticed those PC3200s were cheaper on newegg but for some reason they still don't ship to Canada. :cry: