WHat is the "SAFE VCORE limit" of a AMD X2 [4200+]

Hi the topic said it self

I have searched through allot of forums, and some saying do not exceed v1.45. But i see many users pushing higher. What is actually the maximum wihout shortin its lifespan?

PC specs:
X2 4200+ @artic freezer Pro 64
Asus A8N-SLi premium
corsair 3500LLpro 2GB

I did a small O/C to 2.4ghz (stock 2.2), without having to pushing the vcore Up, just stock vcore. The reason that is holding me back to push futhur is that I dont know what vcore is safe. 2.65ghz is achievable, but the prob is that my asus board has the fluctation bug. So it will be sometimes 1.487 or sumtin and sometimes below it 1.4375. So it is hard to stick it to a the proper 1.45.

Any helps are welcome:D

*EDIT* Oh yea 1 thingie, My cpu operates quit cool, Idle 26-28 Full load (prime tested) 39-41(40 most of the time). And this was @ 2.4ghz (200mhz o/c)
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  1. i have an x2 3800
    off the top of my head, i wanna say stock vcore is 1.32?

    anyways, i have mine bumped up to 1.51-1.52
    overclocked to 2.52, stock is 2.0
    stock heatsink and fan, with 5 80mm fans throughout the case
    in my basement with average room temp no more than 55-60F degrees.(im not a big fan of turning on the heater ;) )

    i do not plan on using this processor for more than 2 1/2 years, so any impact on the lifespan of this processor does not bother me any.
  2. 1.5 is a good stop point. That may NOT be your mobo thats causing the fluctuations. What kinda Power Supply ya got?

    You'll get about 2500 to 2600mhz out of that, easy at those volts with that cooler.
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