ASUS A8N-SLI Chipset Fan Not working right

My little chipset fan make alot of loud noises and just stops running totally, is there a solution to this problem or do I have to buy a new chipset fan?
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  1. oh yeah it's a brand new board and it's fuckin annoying
  2. I'm assuming you have the A8N-SLI deluxe because the premium has a heatpipe design. Anyways, the Deluxe's originally had issues w/ the fans not working. But I heard they were fixed. You obviously got an old one.

    You can either RMA to Asus or replace the fan yourself.

    I personally would just replace the fan myself. Faster, easier, and probably cheaper.

    Whatever you do, do it quick. A heatsink without a fan is dangerous.

  3. thanks man. Yeah I called the place where I bought it and they said that they were trying to change a new and it wrote the board off so now they just send it to asus . . want to do it myself, any Idea if I could use a heat sink with out the fan of it, it's for my chipset not my cpu. The dude at plug and play said it fit's but If I do it myself careful or I could fuck the boar up and have to buy a new one!
    thanks for the imput though!
    Instructions on the safest way to do it without botching my board would be great!
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