Big Typhoon = Big Concern

As I was ending up taking the Ttake Big Typhoon, I saw that some people were worried about the weight and the lever force that that beast applies on the CPU on a vertical board(tower type case). With it's ~820g and a height of 103mm, it's quite big if you compare it to the Thermalright XP-120(~370g w/o fan) or even the SI-120(~400g w/o fan).

For the height, I agree that both are pretty much the same, but their weight isnt transfered on the CPU the same way. It seems to me(and not only me) that the SI-120 or the XP-120 is better in terms of not damaging the CPU due to a misbalancing of the HSF. The center of gravity is closer to the CPU on the XP/SI-120, thus lowering the lever effect. A little concern I had is that on the compatibility list of Thermalright, they say this:
LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D First PCI-e slot blocked by Heatpiples

If I take the Thermalright HS, Ill need a fan, and I thought buying a 120mm Thermoflow from Vantec. By looking at the performance, the airflow would be the same @1300rpm and the Vantec fan wouldnt make that much more noise.
I dont care much since I would just use the second PCI-e slot for my vid card.

Basically, I'm thinking about buying the XP-120 with the Vantec TF12025(Thermoflow) fan to put on. If somebody has any advice on this situation, please raise your hand.

Darn, I hope somebody understands what Im trying to say. :?
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  1. the si-120 is still very heavy and as you stated, need an extra fan. if i were you, i would get the si-120 even if it is more expensive in the end. why? cuz the bt is a pain in the arse to install (i have one) and if you don't install it right, it might cause damage to your mobo
  2. Is it the big typhoon will do damage to the CPU as it too heavy. I already install for it! Is it really will do damage to CPU?? And the cooler that I bought seen like not very work. I bought it for the overclocking but now the full load for my CPU 3Ghz alr reach 55-60(depend room temp). Like that still can overclocking ? Can give me suggestion please
  3. Quote:
    I dont care much since I would just use the second PCI-e slot for my vid card

    Remember that the video card is x16 PCIe, only one PCIe x16 slot on standard motherboards; 2 PCIe x16 slots on SLI motherboards.

    Not only will using the card on a x1 PCIe slot (which the 2nd one will be; 3rd is x16 on SLI boards) slow your card down to a snails pace making it totally pointless; it physically wont fit.

    If you are using a non-SLI motherboard and your first PCIe slot is blocked, you wont be able to isntall a PCIe graphics card ATALL.

    So if you are going to plump for the Ttake; check their website to see if tis verified for use on your mobo.

    Although I'd just go for a Thermalright. Very nice coolers.
  4. On the Lanparty NF4 Ultra-D, there are 2 x16 slots for SLI, but the board is not certified by Nvidia. You can enable it with the "pencil trick", which I dont plan to do anyway.
    Thermalright says that it blocks the first PCI-e slot, which is the x4, not the x16 and I hope they were talking about the x4. You can look at this pic. I think I'll send them an email and ask, just to be sure.

    And for the Big Typhoon, its not 100% sure it'll do damage to it. But its still 820g that pushes on the CPU. Dunno if after a certain time the pins underneath wont be damaged because of the weight.

    Hmm, well minutes after I wrote that post, I found this thread on the dfi-street forums. Still, I'm not really sure it blocks the x4 slot. Im writting an email at thermalright atm.
  5. Whoops..... shows I haven't been keeping up with reviews.....

    *Reels back in shame* :roll:
  6. If we had to keep up with reviews everyday, we wouldnt have enough of 24 hours in a day :)
  7. That's why I'll never buy a Thermaltake product. All their stuff, for lack of a better phrase, is half-assed. The mounting scheme at least for the K8 platform (I'm not 100% sure if the intel mount is similar) is pitiful and I cannot believe they still haven't changed the design of it.

    I use the Zalman 7700cu cooler. While it's one of, if not the heaviest sink out (over 900g), the mount design is solid and the sink itself ensures a good, stable contact with the cpu.
  8. Oh, and btw, I sent that email and received an answer from them, here it goes:


    For both SI-120 and XP-120, it’s the PCI-e x4, the slot(on the DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra-D mobo) in between CPU socket and graphic card that can be blocked by the heatpipes. But you can still use the slot for the graphic card without a problem.

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Best regards,
    Hank Peng
    Customer Relations/ Sales Representative
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