Need help deciding which 7800 to get

I decided on the Geforce 7800 GT for my graphics card, and I was trying to decide which vendor to get my card from. I found one form eVGA for 300 on a shopping enging, PCmag through extremetech, but it has no bundle. Are there any other OEM's that offer a good deal for the 7800 GT with a decent bundle?
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  1. Hello,

    Get the eVGA 7800 GT CO. It has 470 core/ 1100 mem, fastest version of all the 7800 GT's. EVGA also has lifetime warranty, card trade up in 90 days, free game when registered, and this card has a copper HSF.
  2. Go for the EVGA 7800gt with the copper heatsink. I think it comes with Quake 4 right now. If you buy it at the actual game title should be displayed. The EVGA is special in that it is not only the fatest and one of the cheapest 7800gt cards on the market, it has a lifetime warranty against overclocking as well. Go nuts with this card and if it breaks, no big deal. Make sure you register the thing though. Good luck!
  3. However it is also the most popular thus... constantly sold out. Ive been trying get it for over a week. Next stocking is the 9th.
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