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My question is relating Digital Cameras.
I would like a few opinions on the current ones on the market and what one I should choose if considering to buy one.
Taking the mega-pixes, quality, storage size and importantly the prise into consideration. I am looking for one with decent quality & not too high price for everyday use and just keeping a photo library on CD and HD rather than having a photo album (also printing some on photo paper @ normal photo size every now and then). With this in mind what would be the best buy @ the end of the day?

Waiting for your expertise on this one...

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  1. We got a Fugifulm 2600zoom. It was $300, 2 mega pixil, 2x optical zoom, digital zoom. Came with a 16mb card, free rebate for a 32mb card and some phlto paper(got them) This camera takes good pictures in daylight but when taking in artificial light it is not so great. Overall not a bad camera for the price, +came with free stuff. Just make sure you have a photo quality printer or you won't get the most out of your camera. Comes with software and I just store mine on my HD, don't take up too much room.
    This is the only digital camera I've used so I don't have much experience.
  2. I have had great luck with Olympus cameras. I've been doing film photography (do you call it analog now?) for many years now, and I bought one (the 460Z) just to take pics to email around. But I was amazed by how well it captured all kinds of light conditions, with excellent exposures. The lens is nice and large- something which many makers scrimp on. Its the only camera I've owned that consistently takes amazing pictures that accurately captures the color of sunsets. I've also used the 490Z, and it was just the same. They also have very good battery time.

    My camera has been replace by a newer model, the D-510Z. From all the reviews I've read, its a very good camera. 2.1 MP, 3x zoom, etc.. You should be able to find it for around $250.

    Anyway, you don't have to take my word for it, check out these review sites, they are really good sites, and know what they are talking about

    And for the 510Z
  3. Hey peeps,

    Well, I bought the FujiFilm 2800z for £280 and I am very happy with it.
    Excellent picture quality and the 6x optical zoom is great.

    This has to be the best camera you can buy in that price range.

    Thanks to everyone for the help / info.

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