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I have a firewire camcorder and I want to use it as a capture device for Webcamming etc.

What particular device do I need, my regular firewire connection does not act as a video capture device alone, so what else do I need?

Would it be some kind of TV Capture card with Firewie connection? I would be grateful to know the exact spec that I need to seach for when buying.

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  1. You need a software suite to use your current firewire port with your camcorder. That's it, you don't need more hardware, just software.
  2. Ok I haveit working now, it was because my camcorder wasnot set to camera mode (it was set to play mode) and I guess this meant data was being sent to the camera rather thanthe other way.

    Many thanks,

  3. OK, you caught me overlooking what seems to be the most obvious solution. I'm terribly sorry. My problem is, I understand FireWire but haven't a clue about your camera.
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