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Hi I want to build a computer and found a really good deal on a new pair of Opteron 240 1.4Ghz processors $75 each. I want to be able to do gaming and folding which I think the Opterons can do. I have scoured the forums and google but have not found all the answers. So my questions are these:

1. Can Opterons be used on personal computers, not servers? If so, what difference will there be?

2. Does Windows XP support it?

3. What programs for personal use can take advantage of a dual processor setup?

4. Am I better with a different AMD (no way for Intel) like an Athlon 64 or X2?

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  1. Those Optrons will work fine in a PC and yes, Windows XP will support it just fine. However, I believe they are socket 940 CPU's so you will have to look for a socket 940 motherboard. I also am pretty sure you'll have to buy registered memory for those chips which will cost a bit more.

    Dualies are good for a lot of things particularly if you do a lot of multi-tasking or use an application that can take advantage of dual processors. On the down-side, these particular Optrons at 1.4 GHz. are kinda on the slow side individually so you'd be a bit handicapped on anything that uses just a single processor such as most gaming.

    Would you be better off with a different Athlon? Well, you couldn't touch an X2 for that price, but you could get a 3200+ single core that would certainly be better in single threaded applications.
  2. Only 1xx opterons are 939pin which work in desktop boards.
  3. Quote:
    Only 1xx opterons are 939pin which work in desktop boards.

    only SOME 1xx are 939

    Otherwise everything here is good answers.

    What ya might want to do is build a nice dual core system, yeilding the same multithreading performance (better cause even the slowest dual core AMD will rock those old Opterons). HOwever cost will be much higher at about $280 minimum for a single dual core chip BUT your motherboard will be a bit cheaper and alot more feature rich. Also, your RAM will be cheaper since it does not have to be Registered ECC so overall your costs wont be so much harder. Get the Opteron 165 and overlock it a bit. YOu'll be about 2.5 to 2.7ghz per core and have the latest technologies. It'll rock.

  4. inform me, which Opty 1xx is not 939 pin, I am drawing a blank...
  5. hideout, are you recommending x2's or dual core opterons? Btw, how do the X2's and opterons compare?

    Also, I should probs post this on the OC forum but I have heard a bunch of warnings and really bad stories about OC that has steered me from it. Some of these are spontaneous instability that cannot be detected even after weeks of stability, totally destroying system, etc. What really are the chances of this? I'm not a complete idiot if that helps... Also should I go with liquid cooling if I OC?
  6. Oh yeah, I forgot something. I know the 2xx means 2 processors but can you use a 2xx processor on a motheroboard with only 1 socket or do u need a 1xx for that?
  7. 1xx 939pin, 2xx and up 940pin
  8. I run a pair of opteron 240 chips @ 1.6ghz on a Tyan K8WE board.
    Upgrade the board to the latest bios from tyan and you have dual support. Dual core, dual cpu = 4 processors :!:

    with windows xp64 installed the thing runs great. zero stability issues with windows itself (your mileage may vary with other apps).

    As far as stuff that takes advantage of it - VERY few applications are written with dual/multi cpu support in mind. But this means I can set video encoding (or folding!) to run in the background while I do my normal work. Or I can have lots of things running at once, lots of possibilies here. Past experiance also shows me that dual cpu systems last a LONG LONG time.
  9. So are 240's dual cores as well? Or do you have a version on the 240's that are?
  10. no, 260's-280's are dual core, but not 240's. Same with the 160's-180's, the 860's-880's too.
  11. i had no clue what i meant when i said not all 1xx are 939, i meant not all are DC but oh well..

    I mean use the Opteron instead of the X2. They are the same basic thing but Opterons are cooler and use lower voltages by default. You can clock the piss out of them easy. The 170 (2.0ghz x 2 x 1MB L2 cache per core) is the best. It'll clock to 2.6 EASY and sometimes higher with good cooling (3ghz with water is doable). To get that power out of an X2 ya gotta push alot harder and likely wont make it.

    The 165 is not so bad either starting at 1.8ghz but ya gotta use better memory or lower memory devider. They make a hellava gaming processor.

  12. Woud you also recommend a Opteron single core over an Athlon 64? I am thinking I don't really multitask and not enough apps take advantage of a dual core. Thanks.
  13. I agree with hideout :)

    I am currtly running a opty 165 OC to 2.6 on air> Load 40c /idle 30C
    this is a sweet creamy dually couldn't be more pleased!
    I have 3 systems
    the opty is in my gameing rig and is the only thing I got OC'ed at the moment

    asus A8n-SLI Premium
    opty 165
    corsair xms ddr 400 ( 2-3-3-5 ) 4x512 2gig total
    2x 7800gtx from xfx ( SLI )
    4 WD 74 raptors in raid 0
    2x NEC dvd burners


    Slowly turning it into my gameing/media pc because of the dual core...man you can muti-task like mad with these things!!! :twisted:
  14. It would be wise that if you buy/build a 939 system do enough of the lastest and greatest to last you a few years! AMD will be going to the M2 sometime this year and its a 940pin that is not capable with current 940 pins because of the move to DDR2 memory last I have read

    opty 939pin 1xx single or dual core in my opinion are the better of the AMD 64 procs exception being the fx series procs. Building a good 939 platform to last you untill the M2 mobo's and other things, bugs are worked out! Id figure 2 to 3 yrs, by then the M2 platforms will have matured and is reliable with plenty of mobo manufactures to choose from and DDR2 will then be hopefully cheaper and a proven benifit to the new platform!

    Just remember this if anything Dual Core is the future, Games and other software will make the move to muti-threaded products to increase productitvity and better feature's......hey anybody buy stock into AMD/INTEL?? :roll:

    good luck...alot of info out there and opinions ( opinions are like A$$-holes everyone's got one :tongue:
  15. Just remember this if anything Dual Core is the future, Games and other software will make the move to multi-threaded products to increase productivity and better feature's......hey anybody buy stock into AMD/INTEL?? :roll:

    Pitty those who just or are soon to be getting a new PC/upgrade and lean toward the tried and true single-core buying a beast of a gaming rig, wondering how in just few months the tide could have changed the performance tables of that jewel of a performance king they bought has so far slipped down the charts of braggadocios and now find out they have only average to mediocre scores at best and are getting pwned by the likes of which have lower clock rates, yet are older chips... **Arrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh, If only I had believed!!** :D
  16. Quote:

    I mean use the Opteron instead of the X2.


    Yes what were you thinking? ehhh (-_-')
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