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this is the situation. on one laptop there are 2 installs of win 7. one office and one home use. is it possible to lock the office partition and all data on it when you are logged as home user and vice verse? both win users have admin rights. I have managed to hide the partitions and prevent the delete of data unless I use the Run as admin command. and also from disk management it is possible to format drive even if you hide it and prevent the delete of data. if anyone has clue how to lock one from another completely please tell me
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  1. My first question would be: Why?
  2. hahaha. sorry for that. well let's just say that users who will be use these systems (since there are 10 same laptops) have tendency to screw with the systems, surf all kind of crap and basically do anything they can do to *** it up, if they can. those are the company laptops but the company wants to give them ability to use it at home. and GM has crazy idea that this will prevent them to do damage on the office side of the OS.
    anyway if you have any idea I would be grateful. thanks
  3. Even with Admin rights, you should not be able to access the personal folders (i.e, Documents, etc) of another user account unless you have the required permissions. But since the same user works on both accounts, all he has to do is supply his password or login to his other account, and you're back where you started.

    This sounds to me like a problem that should be handled on another level. If a user abuses company property, take away his right to personal use of said property.
  4. it seems to me that that will be the case. I can not find any other solution
  5. Take away admin rights from the user accounts (why in the world do they have them?) and delete windows home from the laptops. Create group policies for the users and block access to control panel and anything else you don't want them touching. Install software firewall and virus protection.
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