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So considering a budget of around $900 I'm trying to build a computer for gaming and general usage. I looked for all components from Newegg but if anybody has another site that has good support/deals/shipping I'd be fine giving it a try.

What I Have Now:

512MB OCZ Gold PC3200 sitting on my desk, I was thinking I would put that in aswell as a matched pair 1 gig, will that lower performance at all?

Optical drives are covered, I've got a good DVD-RW and CD so no need to change that.

300 GB IDE storage drive that's ageing but I'll stick with for now.

Of course, I've got plunty of monitors...

What I May Add Later:

I think I may add a Raptor in later for my main drive but for right now (mostly for budget reasons) I'm deciding to pass on it.

What I May Buy
Case/PSU and Processor
Antec TX1050B with 500W 2.0 Power Supply
AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego 1GHz FSB

$332-Bundle for the tow
I like the case, the processor seems good for what I need. Any feedback about the San Diego?


Don't plan on going SLI so I'll save the $. I like ASUS, unless theres something I'm overlooking I think this is a great mobo, lots of people seem to like them. Any thoughts on the onboard sound?


CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB (2 x 512MB) PC 3200 Unbuffered Dual Channel Kit

I've heard good things about the ValueSelect, 1GB + the other 512 (if thats a good idea) should be plunty for now, can always add later.



7800GT on a budget, is the Jaton horrible? Keep in mind I'm on a budget, I was thinking about a x800 GTO and softmodding it but if this is a decent card I'll go with it.


WD Caviar SE16 250GB 7200k SATA2

Mostly for storage, will most likely change to a 10k later on but for $$ consideration I'm going to avoid it now, unless someone feels thats a horrible idea. Also have the 300GB so this will take care of storage.


Total=$953.25 shipped

Soooo, what are your thoughts? Thanks for the help, much appriciated.
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  1. Does not look to bad, though I would not incorperate that third stick of memory into your system unless you had two of the same sticks. There is nothing wrong with Jaton but check the reviews on Newegg to see if the other puchasers have had issues for better input. An X800GTO2 from Sapphire would be a good alternative for gaming but it really boils down to who do you like (ATI or Nvidia). The memory you chose is good stable memory, but there usually is no room for tweaking Value select memory even with upped voltages. Onboard sound is a resource hog, a good inexpensive OEM Audigy or Turtle beach card will do the trick but once again it depends on who do you like. Western Digital just released a new Raptor model yesterday so keep that in mind when you finally decide to add one.
  2. I was just thinking about changing that ram, for less than $110 what would you reccomend?

    And I've got an old (2 years?) turtle beach in some computer somewhere... I suppose I'll try the onboard, then compare to the one I have and if neither work well enough I'll buy a new one later on.
  3. Well here are a few Ideas for Mem.


    Patriot is a great and upcoming memory supplier with awsome customer support.


    Corsair is another great Memory supplier with decent Customer support.
    These two pics from Newegg are a few dollars more that what your dollar amount specified but I have used both these sets before with great speed and stability, most importantly they actually run the timings they advertise when you set the bios to detect timings by SPD. If I were in your shoes 40 bucks for a good OEM Audigy card would not be an option, but at minimum a requirement. Good luck with your dream machine
  4. Almost forgot to add this, the exact card I was refering to was this one for video. Read the reviews and do the homework and you will have a rocking video card on the cheap.

  5. I'm thinking I'll just spend a little more $$ and go with a eVGA 7800 GT. I would mod that one (it was actually my initial idea) but the more I read into it, the more I'd like to be secure with shader 3.0 and not have to base my card fully around OC and a mod. Not that I dont fully intend to OC the 7800 a bit, but with it its not crucial to the performance, merely a boost to it.

    Also I think I'm going to go with a friend who's going to hook me up with some more OCZ Gold for only $80 which is just about perfect for what I need. I was looking at the Patriot but decided that I would stick with my trusted OCZ.
  6. Since your gonna go with the EVGA 7800gt you might want to check this out. You can get that card with a free EVGA Motherboard sell it and make some $ and keep your plans with the Asus board.

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