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I have an old server machine that has a dual socket 370s. Up until recently it only had a single P3 1Ghz processor in it. I found another P3 1Ghz and installed the processor into the second socket.

Only problem is that it is being recognized as 700Mhz effectively slowing both CPUs down to 700Mhz. There are no jumpers on the motherboard for the multiplier which changed from 10x to 7x. There are also no settings available in the BIOS to change the multiplier. Is there anything I can do?

NexCom 6320A Rev.A Motherboard
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  1. Have you made sure that both processors are manufactured for the same front side bus of either 100 MHz or 133 MHz?

    Just curious...
  2. try updating your BIOS and system drivers.
  3. Easy answer! Your first CPU is probably the rare PIII 1000E, not the more common PIII 1000EB. The E ran at 100MHz bus, while the EB ran at 133MHz bus.

    The new CPU should be running 750MHz, not 700MHz. 7.5x133=1000.

    The old one is likely running 10x100=1000

    You can't change the multipliers on these CPU's.
  4. try downloading CPU-Z
    run it & it will tell you what P3's you have on your board.
  5. I ran CPU-Z and I'm not sure if it's correct, but it states that one is a P3 933E and one is a 933EB. Not sure why it says that considering I know they are suppose to be 1Ghz.

    I might have to take the heatsinks off and check the processor numbers.

    CPU-Z did state that one was using cC0 stepping and one was using cD0 stepping.
  6. I've heard of stepping mis-matches before! Try removing the new CPU and checking the old with CPU-Z. And do let us know what the bus speed is for the old one with the new one removed.
  7. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I had a chance to take the heatsinks off of both processors to get a look. Here is exactly what I got:

    PIII 1000Mhz/256/100
    PIII 933Mhz/256/133

    Which explains the mismatch. I'm going to have to see if I can find a different processor. So the 1Ghz is rare huh?

    I have a 950/128/100 Celeron, but that's it for anything I have that's near 1Ghz.

    Would the system run faster at 700Mhz with the 1Ghz+933 or faster with just one of them?
  8. The 1GHz with 100MHz bus is rare, the 1GHz with 133MHz bus is quiet common.

    YOU CAN'T RUN TWO DIFFERENT BUS SPEEDS. For dual processing on that board you only have two options:

    1.) Get another rare 1000E, not 1000EB. That would be, get another PIII 1000 with 100MHz bus. Celerons won't work.

    2.) Get another PIII 933. All 933's are EB's, that is, all use a 133MHz bus. This requires a board that supports 133MHz FSB, but I don't have any information on your board. If your board only supports 100MHz bus, number 2 is not a working option for your board.
  9. I am aware that I can't run two different bus speeds at the same time. But the 1000/100 and 933/133 are able to run together and boot the system into Win2003. It is clocking down to 700/100 though.

    The system board does give me the option to adjust the FSB of the CPU from 66Mhz up to 150Mhz. Any idea if the 1000/100 would clock up to 133 without frying out?
  10. The 1000/100 should run 1333MHz at 133 bus!
  11. Yea, is that going to be too much of an overclock for the P3?

    Wouldn't the multiplier clock it down to 933 to match the other processor?
  12. Nah, these PIII's have a locked multiplier, the motherboard must be misreporting the speed to all the software right now. Your processors are running 700 and 1000MHz but the motherboard is reporting them both as 700.
  13. You could check to see if you can find a matched pair online or perhaps on ebay.

    Maybe you'll get lucky.

    The 1GHz / 100Mhz PIII is indeed quite rare. Other versions are easier to find.

    You could get a matched pair of 133 MHz FSB CPUs and underclock them by running them at 100MHz FSB.

    Do not get the Tualatin Core ones, those will almost certainly NOT work in your dual socket 370.

    Good luck.
  14. Compgeeks used to sell PIII 1000E slot 1's for $95, and they'd sell out kind of fast. Guys would buy them and put them on eBay to get a $200+ from them. Proving once again that eBay is for suckers!

    I only had $200 to spare back then and couldn't wait for the turnaround from such transactions.
  15. My motherboard will run 133Mhz FSB processors, it just happened to have a P3 1Ghz 100FSB installed it it.

    Anybody have a pair of 1Ghz 133 FSB they want to trade for a P3 1ghz 100FSB, P3 933Mhz 133FSB, I could even throw in a socket 370 Celeron 950Mhz 100FSB(haven't tested this one though)?
  16. Yea too bad I didn't know that I have several old Dell GX1 models that have PII's in them, but the motherboard would take any P3 slot 1 as long as it was 100Mhz FSB. I'm not going to pay ebay prices for those things, over $100 is ridiculous for an old processor like that.
  17. Last week Compgeeks had the PIII 1000EB Socket 370 for $36. It looks like they ran out. I'd find a pair of them at a discount vender (compgeeks, surpluscomputers, etc), buy those, then sell the 1000E you already have on eBay for more than you paid for a pair of the 1000EB's.
  18. Althought the 1000E may be more rare the fact remains the 133fsb of the 1000EB or the 933 (133fsb) is faster.
    I would agree with crashman.
  19. Are you sure there aren't any dip switches on the Nexcom 6320A dual-processor board?

    I have Nexcom boards with the same numbers and there are loads of dip switches on the MB.
    They are very small. You need a magnifying glass to read and change them.

    I can set the speeds of my processors. On the MB and in the BIOS.

  20. My MB has a ton of dip switches as well, but the only settings I can change with those are the FSB speed and there's one to specify if it's a pentium vs celeron. Nothing for clock speeds.
  21. Yes, that's because, in spite of what people might think, you can't change the multiplier. So the only thing you can do is change the bus speed. But you can't have two different bus speeds, so you're stuck with one processor running at 100 when it was specified to run 133, and therefor slow. On the other hand, if you selected 133, the other processor wouldn't run at all, because it would be overclocked well beyond its limit.

    Some guys with Xeon experience might also think otherwise, but they must remember these aren't Xeons.

    You really need a matched pair of processors, I suggest you find either another PIII 933, or a pair of 1000EB's. Then sell your 1000E, which is worth more than a pair of 1000EB's due to its rarity. People with boards that can't run 133MHz want the 1000E and pay extra because they're hard to find.
  22. I do have options in the bios to change the FSB. (Top Right Screen, 1st Selection).

    My problem with this board is the SCSI works nice.

    IDE Problem: Cannot get UDMA to activate
    Somehow on the MB the Blue IDE connector is assigned as Secondard and the Black IDE connector is assigned as Primary.
    Anyone know how to re-assign these back or correctly? I am using the correct cables and have replaced them.
    The only diagram I have (on the inside of the side cover) doesn't reference anything about IDE (or SCSI) for the dip switches.
    I've even tried a PCI Promise controller to run the IDE's.
    Still can't get the system to run properly.
    Or, where can I get the manual for the MB. Couldn't find it on their website.
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