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I have torn apart a wireless infrared head set from sony to make composite ends to hook up from across the room to TV (audio for now). I'm doing this so i can actually been in one place and have my laptop play music and display the internet when i have company over. As i have said, I have completly taken apart the headsets to recieve audio, although, I'd like to send some composite video through its base to the other receiving end on the formerly known headseats. I've tried this and i'm getting a signal but its B/W and torn to peices. If any of ya'll have done something like this or have something to tell me that i need to know, please tell me. TIA -- Judo 8)
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  1. Thats sweet that you got an image. I don't think you'll be able to get a better signal than that though, Wiki says IrDa's max bandwidth is 16Mbits/s the one you have probably has alot less bandwidth.
  2. hrm appreciate the info and your post :lol: I figured it wouldn't be much bandwidth or strength but does the circuits that split the signal into stereo (L/R) on the recieving ends(headphones circuits) or just the splitting into stereo have anything to do with it? -- i can settle with B/W but no video at all sux :- Thanks again! -- Judo

    LOL you can actually adjust the picture with the - still working - volume analog switch. Kinda neat - doesn't hurt it though - TIA
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