Asus SLI Prem/Win XP Pro SP2/ nVidia chipset driver issues??

Doing an initial clean install XP Pro, but has to download SP2 from Win Update web site...

N E 1 have any trouble installing the nVidia chipset drivers prior to SP2 install? Instruction book indicates possible trouble with installing drivers without SP2 in place...

Alot of people posting here seem to have trouble with the nVidia ethernet port working properly, as well as the Marvel ethernet port...

I'm curious to know if anyone thinks it has something to do with SP2 being installed AFTER the nVidia drivers are installed???

Any feedback as to which port gives better data throughput, generally speaking??? (Assuming all current drivers installed, etc.)


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  1. I didn't have any issues installing WinXP w/ this board. However, I have SP2 slipstreamed into my WinXP CD. So... now SP2 downloads during install for me.

    As for which ethernet port is faster... I would venture to say the nVidia one is probably faster. It's directly on the MCP where as the other ethernet port uses an off chip solution that connects to the PCI bus.

    I could be wrong though. The difference in performance in real life is probably negligble anyways.

    At any rate, I use a wireless NIC. So my opinion can't be relied upon.

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