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HELP! CPU running at 96 degrees, n00b needs suggestions

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January 5, 2006 4:01:43 PM

Hey everyone, this is my first post here, this looks to be a great community so far!

Alright, so I bought this computer about 6 months ago and lately I noticed it seems to be getting louder and louder. I ran asus pc-probe and it is telling me my CPU is running at 96 degrees! Last time I checked (about a month ago) it was steady at 51 degrees.

So it seems like I need a new fan. I would like my pc to be as quiet as possible, so I was hoping someone might be able to make some reccomendations.

My current specs are:

Intel Pentium D 830 3.0GHz EMT64 XD Dual Core 2x1MB Cache 800FSB
Antec Sonata II Quiet Case (only has 1 fan in it)
Antex Sonata II 430 watt quiet Power supply
Kingston 2x 1gb DDR2 4200
Asus P5LD2 Deluxe motherboard (no fans, quiet)
Gigabyte radeon x700 pro 256mb ddr (no fans, quiet)
1x maxtor diamondmax 10 200 gb sata hd
2x maxtor diamondmax 10 160 gb sata hd
Mobo temp: 31 degrees

I am looking to spend under $100 if possible, and watercooling would be nice (is it really worth it? is it quieter) but somehow I dont think I'll be able to afford it.

Thanks a lot!


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January 5, 2006 4:17:23 PM

Open up the case and check the heat sink fan is still turning, and the heat sink is not clogged up with dust, or dropped off!

If I were you I would not use the system until you know what went wrong or you could fry it...
January 5, 2006 4:22:52 PM

Case is beautifully clean and the fan is running fine (no dust or anything on it). It seems really strange that it would suddenly start doing this.

I have a feeling I have been using the computer for at least 3 or 4 weeks without realizing, but I stopped using it immediately as soon as I found out.

So should I get a new fan? or should I take the processor back? (its about 6 months old)

The cpu and fan were installed at a computer shop by a technician who showed me how he did it and everything looked fine, so I doubt its an installation problem.

And I should add that nothing has been overclocked/no mods have been done.
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January 5, 2006 4:50:12 PM

I'm assuing that it's running at 97F not 97C right? Intel CPU's tend to run a little hot thanks to netburst. The temps you're reading are in the normal range for your CPU. I'm running a Pentuin 820 which is supposed to run cooler than the 830 and my current idle temp is 98 Degrees. This is with four fans in my system. I do recomend that you install another couple of fans in your system (one intake in the front and exaust in the rear if your case supports it). Also, upgrade the CPU fan with maybe a thermaltake fan. They cool better and are quieter. Their website whould have all the info.
January 5, 2006 5:11:57 PM

No, it is running at 98 degrees CELCIUS.

I just turned it on to see what would happen and asus pc probe showed the temperature went up to 98 degrees in less than 2 minutes, I could count the temperature as it rose steadily.

Could it be that there is something wrong with the temperature sensors in my board or cpu? the cpu fan is spinning at full speed so it seems to thing the processor is hot too.

however the system seems pretty stable, only once has it crashed and it rebooted to a bios message saying that the processor overheated and had to shutdown (or something along those lines).

i repeat again, nothing in this system is overclocked, and it never has been.

im thinking maybe i should get my mobo and processor tested? but i dont really want to shell out the $35 if thats not the problem.
January 5, 2006 5:26:31 PM

It sounds like the CPU and heatsink are not making good thermal contact, if the fan is working ok.
Try removing the heatsink and cleaning the surface of the heatsink and CPU. Then reapply some thermal compound.
January 5, 2006 5:28:27 PM

Alright, I'll try that, can anyone reccomend a good cooling unit, as I want to replace it anyways, and might as well do it now.

I'm looking for something in the 40-50 dollar range.


January 5, 2006 5:44:03 PM

try this one, zalman CNPS9500 LED. it costs 50 euro's, you barely hear it, it cools more than perfect. the only thing you should check, is that it's compatible with your cpu/motherboard/socket. I use it myself and i overclocked my amd 3500+ from 2200 Mhz to 2640 Mhz without any problems
January 5, 2006 6:58:36 PM

One more thing to try, when the system is on is the heat sink getting too hot to touch... If it is staying cold while the CPU is at 90+ it would seem that it's lost contact.
January 6, 2006 5:02:48 AM

I don't know how it would lose contact so easily; unless the mother of a heat Pentium Ds dissipate melted the thermal grease away, I somehow doubt that it indeed lost contact. Maybe thermal sensor has gone out of the wazoo; wouldn't hurt to check.

CNPS9500 is nice, but it's 65 dollar-ish; that's rather expensive. I suggest getting a Scythe Ninja and a decent fan with a pretty good airflow. Noise doesn't seem to be your primary concern, so stuff from Vantec or Thermaltake might fit your bill perfectly to match the Ninja.

If Ninja's a bit iffy, XP120 or SI120 from Thermalright as well as Thermaltake Big Typhoon should work well. Make sure to have good contact between CPU and heatsink with thermal grease though; I don't think it hurts to over-emphasize.
January 6, 2006 1:29:38 PM

I have same problem with my prescott 3.2. I was looking for something under $100 too. This is what i found.
ThermalRight si-120 - $44.75 + $6 ups shipping @
ThermalRight xp-90 - $27.95 + $6 ups shipping @
Heat sinks only, fan + thermal compound = extra $

Evercool EC-WC-202 Water Cooler Kit - $84.00 + free standard shipping

If you want quiet set xp-90 is not what you want. EC-WC-202 has additional gpu water block for your graphic card. I don't know which is better. Si-120 or Evercool. I can't find any benchmark of air vs cheap water.
Maybe some one with expierience can tell me which one cools better.
January 7, 2006 2:29:55 AM

I have a Pentium D830 too and I use a Thermaltake BlueOrb II. It works great but it's BIG.
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January 13, 2006 6:38:57 AM

Everyone is telling you how to fix a problem that probably doesn't exist. The real problem is likely that Asus Probe software is malfunctioning. Reboot and check your temps in BIOS.
January 13, 2006 7:18:42 AM

I agree check bios temp.

Don't mean to simple but are u using the duct with the case and is it clear of any obstuction.