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While putting my rig together, I have run into a budget problem and need some well thought out input. I have initially decided to get the XFX 7800GTX 490 - 1300 omen of a video card, however it is taking me awhile to save up for this. Since I have a SLI set up, I was wondering which was infact faster:

1 - XFX 7800GTX 490 - 1300 ----JUST ONE OF THESE


2 - XFX 6800GS 485 - 1100 ----TWO OF THESE

At the same time, is the 6800GS SLI compatible?

Help Please! Thanks

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  1. Quote:

    At the same time, is the 6800GS SLI compatible?
    From the 6800GS specs on NewEgg:

    SLI Supported Yes

    Personally I'm not a big fan of SLI. The results are very inconsistant. Some games go way faster on a SLI setup but some see very little impovement. Even worse some run slower on SLI. If your favorite games get a boost from SLI then SLI might be worth it but overall you are better off with a single super fast card than 2 medium cards in SLI.

    For as much as that XFX 7800 costs you might also look at the 1800 or wait for the 1900?
  2. I would get one XFX 7800GTX for now. You can always save up and get another one later. Two 6800GS's ain't gonna do much fer ya.

    I personally have the card you're looking at (2 of them actually for SLI)... it's a awesome card. I've got it even further overclocked to 503Mhz core and 1.35Ghz memory. Both cards. No stability issues whatsoever.

  3. I doubt there is a single game that two 6800 GS' would beat a single 7800 GTX in.

    SLI isn't necessary for good performance, it's more of a toy for people who have topped out and have alot of cash. Given the choice, always spend your money on the better card.
  4. Ok that makes sense, but I had another question that has yet to get answered on my other post, hopefully you guys could help me out. Here is the situation.

    Had a question and a possible solution(s) but wanted to know people's opinions before I make a mistake.


    The above link is the Memory I am getting this Friday, because its pay day. However, I have been doing research and it seems this Memory, because of its size, has issues with fitting a Zalman 7700CU on my soon to be ASUS A8N-SLI-Premium mobo. My first solution to this problem is to down grade to this memory and hope for the best:


    Do you think the down graded memory I selected will have the same issues?

    Or my second solution, was to possibly get a different mobo, specifically the DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert and see if I have the same problem with the first memory.

    Obviously the second solution is more expensive, so rather than hope for the best, I would like to know what solution would be best without sacrificing the Zalman. Thanks

  5. SLI is only good if you're running a game on very high resolutions with max AA and AF. Its also a big waste of money!!!!

    If I was you I wouldn't buy an after market cooler as you void the warranty and often you don't really need them...

    As for the RAM, because I don't have much money and things are very very expensive in South Africa, I bought the cheapest RAM I could get. It was 2x 512mb Hynix RAM and it runs very well at a latency of 2.5, so I don't see why I should spend the cash on getting more expensive stuff that doesn't perform as well?? 8)

    I would also look into getting an X1800XT or waiting for the X1900! :wink:
  6. Ok the Ram you are refering to, has a Latency of 2.5. The Lower the Latency of your Ram the Faster and better it is. I am very sure your 2.5 also has very high timings as well. This Memory has the ability to have 2-2-2-5 Latency.

    I will agree that replacing the fan voids the warranty, however the main reason you want a better cooling fan is to cool the CPU more efficiently, allowing you to over clock your system faster.

    I believe your suggestion for the 1800 is good, however im looking for 24pipes from the GTX. You do have a good point overall though, this SLI stuff is really expensive and not necessarily needed. I believe I will downgrade to this motherboard DFI UT nForce4 SLI DR Motherboard replace it with my ZALMAN, regardless of what voided warranty I have and get the Opty 150. Very pleased with this set up...

    Antec P180 Case
    Antec T.p. 2 550w
    XMS 1GB (the downgraded version I posted above)
    Opty 150
    Zalman 7700CU
    DFI UT nForce4 SLI DR Motherboard
    XFX 7800GTX pwning Vid Card
    Seagate Barracuda HDs

    Here's a question: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Showimage.asp?Mode=&Type=&Image=13-136-152-01.jpg%2C13-136-152-02.jpg%2C13-136-152-03.jpg%2C13-136-152-04.jpg%2C13-136-152-07.jpg%2C13-136-152-05.jpg&CurImage=13-136-152-02.jpg&Description=DFI+LANPARTY+UT+nF4+Ultra-D+Socket+939+NVIDIA+nForce4+Ultra+ATX+AMD+Motherboard+-+Retail
    Looking at this mobo, in order to install the Zalman, I would infact need to take off the existing fan located towards the bottom left, or no? Also does the Zalman void the warranty of the mobo or chip because I plan on buying the Processor only, not the cooling device to come with it, hence the reason for the Zalman in the first place.THanks

  7. First off the two choices for ram are identical chip. This difference is the top set has L.E.Ds on top.
    I would go for the standard XMS for the lower profile. Zalaman heatsinks are normally fairly large and you may need the room to clear the top of the ram.
    You would be more likely for hit the video card before you even get close to the chipset cooler. Look at the other pic of the motherboard, notice the low profile of the fan.
  8. If this is the case, then what would you recommend for a better chipset cooler. I am getting the processor only, not the fan model. I am unaware of any reliable chipsets other than Zalman, can you inform me?


    Cooler Master



    These are all chipset coolers. What would anyone recommend among these? Or if possible what is infact better than all of these.
  9. For the RAM I have I can also run it at a latency of 2 but I wasn't going to risk it as it was cheap RAM but it ran without any errors!!!

    Changing the CPU cooler shouldn't void the mobo warranty but if you start taking things off the mobo then it might but i'm not sure... What about going the water cooling route with something like the Cooler Master Aqua Gate Mini, its small and just goes on the CPU.
  10. I like this, what would be the main difference between the R80 and R120 besides the fan sizes. Is the 120 better, and in any case would either of these most likely fit inside my rig? Thanks

  11. They both work well but the difference is that a bigger fans has a lower RPM and is therefore much more quiet than an 80mm fan...
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