Sapphire 9600 Pro fan quit working...

I have a Sapphire ATI 9600 pro Atlantis. No problems with it at all for the past year and a half, plays all games, works great. Last nite I have my computer open to remove the bi-monthly dust bunnies that accumulate. Dust everywhere, clump here, clump there...except on my video card fan. Which is odd because I usually have to clean it as well. Its seems as if the fan has quit working, how long ago I dont know. I've Googled my arse off looking for an original 9600 pro fan, to of no avail. Only thing I can find is an Arctic Cooler ATI Silencer 2. Does anyone know where I might be able to score an original fan? Or do you think this ATI Silencer might be a better bet to go with?
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  1. I would say go with an aftermarket cooler, your card will run cooler, make less noise, and will be easier to find. You should check out they make great cpu, and video card coolers.
  2. 9600 Pro uses the old-fashioned pin mounts, circa last millenia (ok, last century, same thing). Really, just find a chipset or VGA cooler of standard size, either will work.

    Now, there are TWO styles of "standard" One has the pins in the corners, the other has the pins on the sides (but offset towards the corners). YOURS has the pins on the side. So now you know what to look for.

    You don't need anything big nor extravagent for that card. This Would Work, and Even This would be way more than you need
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