integrated graphics and lcd screens?

this answer should be obvious i think, but i can't figure it out. I am going to make a friend a system from a Soyo SY-P4RC350 mb i have sitting around. It has the igp 915 ati 9100 integrated graphics chip. My question is will i need to buy a vga to dvi connector to be able to plug in a LCD monitor into the video? I've never dealt with lcq displays before, so i'm not sure exactly.

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  1. If the LCD has a VGA connector (many do) you wont' need any adapter. If your LCD only has DVI (very few do) then you'll need to get an adapter.

  2. You can't use an adapter to make VGA into DVI. DVI to VGA converters are nothing more than a breakout for the analog pins on a combined adapter: there are no digital pins on a VGA connector.
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