GPU and MB Compatibility Issue

Hello all,

I have ASUS P4P800-E DELUXE which apparently is not compatible with the new graphic card (ATI RADEON X800 PRO) that I bought this week. The MB manual says that it can only take 1.5v AGP and not the 3.3v AGP. Well, now I'm trying to find a new MB to accompany the new graphic card since I want to play some recently released games such as FEAR and CoD2.

I tried shopping on my own but am having some hard time because of more compatibility issues. I have P4 2.6, 800MHz, 512KB L2-cache, socket 478. Memory is 1GB of GEIL PC3200. Dual channel would be nice since I have two 512MB to make up for the total of 1GB.

Other than that, it's all good. I was happy to purchase the new graphic card but am very disappointed because it's just sitting there.

Please HELP!!!

Thanks in advance, everybody.
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  1. You didn't happen to buy that video card on eBay, did you?

    Anyways, here's a couple suggestions that will do nicely:

    I personally had the last one (MSI Neo2) for years. Awesome board. I just sold it on eBay a month ago. I also had a Radeon x800 Pro in this board. No issues whatsoever.

  2. Thanks. That was very helpful.
    Um. But, is there a way for me to have IEEE 1394 on the MSI Neo2?

    And answer to your question, I bought a retail box from
    Very fast shipping and all but I was very disappointed when it didn't work with my MB. I didn't know there are so many MBs out there that only support up to 1.5v AGP.

    Did you sell your x800pro on eBay? For how much? I'm just curious. lol.

    And if you don't mind me asking, why did you sell your old MSI Neo2?

    Oh, and one more question. Could MSI Neo2 take HD larger than 130GB?
    My ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe couldn't.
  3. I am not quite understanding this problem.

    Your motherboard supports 0.8v(agp 8x/ 3.0) and 1.5v(agp 4x/ 2.0)

    I really doubt that video card is 3.3v (agp 2x/ 1.5)

    Unless you bought a PCI-e(which uses 3.3v and +12V) x800pro should you have any problems. In this case you would need a new motherboard and processor.

    Yes you can add Firewire to almost any comp. Here is an addon card IEEE 1394
  4. Yeah, I know. I don't understand the problem either.
    The board (ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe) says that I can use both AGP x8 and x4 but apparently it also says that it can only take 1.5v AGPs. I didn't know that there could be AGP x8 that is 1.5v. I guess I'm wrong.
  5. You're wrong, ANY AGP X800 Pro should work in that board. Any of them. In fact, any AGP card introduced within the last 4 years should work in that board.

    Let me ask you what the last guy asked, DID YOU GET THE AGP OR PCI-EXPRESS X800 PRO?
  6. I got the AGP X800 PRO.
    If you're right then I wonder why it won't boot up. If I take out the X800 PRO and use the old card (even though it's malfunctioning), everything starts running, at least. With the X800 PRO, it lights up for just a split second and the whole thing dies.
    Now I'm wondering whether the PSU is not enough to handle this card or something else other than the MB. I currently have the PSU that came with the RAIDMAX case. It's 350w max.
    Any suggestions?
  7. It could very well be an insufficient power supplies, I have zero faith in the power supplies RAIDMAX includes in their cases.

    By the way, I'm using an AIW X800 XT in my own system of similar design.
  8. Guess what.

    I checked with ASUS.
    The board's official manual (in section 2.5.5) specifically says, "Install only 1.5v AGP cards on this motherboard! This motherboard does not support 3.3v AGP cards." It says nothing about the 0.8v cards.
    But on the same page, it also says that it "supports AGP 8x/4x."
    Right after that they say, "When you buy an AGP card, make sure that you ask for one with +1.5v specification."

    Okay, what does this all mean?

    My conclusion is that there is such AGP 8x card that is in 1.5v specification, not just in 0.8v. Maybe those specification actually make it run in 4x but they just put x8 on the box to impress the buyers (It probably says something like 8x/4x). Could this be...a case of false advertisement? Am I seeing millions in lawsuit? lol.

    Well, I don't know, but one thing I'm absolutely sure is that:
    ATI Radeon X800 Pro AGP 8X does not work with ASUS P4P800-E DELUXE.
    A voltage problem. What a pity!
  9. I have the same MB and have been using an AIW X800XT and began having similar problems and RMA'd my grfx card twice, thinking it was my card. It turned out to be a faulty AGP port and had to RMA the MB instead. BTW, AGP 8x actually translates into 1.5v....look it up at ATI, ASUS and Intels websites.
  10. Really?
    Funny, because I just RMA'd my MB too. And the x800 is new.
    Now, everything comes down to my PSU, right? lol.
    What do I do, what do I do, what do I do.

    I should sell my soul and shop at lol.
  11. The 1.5v they refer to is to prevent idiots from installing 3.3v cards, 99% of which won't even fit into the slot because of slot keys! If you had an old Diamond Viper TNT2 card, you'd have to manually select the 1.5v jumper, rather than the 3.3v jumper, etc. It's all about keeping idiots from installing OLD cards.

    That "1.5v" statement has no bearing on current hardware. The chipset supports 1.5v and 0.8v signals, Asus didn't modifiy that. And you card also support both 1.5v and 0.8v functionality.

    OK, so quit making assumptions:

    Well, I don't know, but one thing I'm absolutely sure is that:
    ATI Radeon X800 Pro AGP 8X does not work with ASUS P4P800-E DELUXE.
    A voltage problem. What a pity!

    Completely wrong. The most likely issue is your power supply being garbage. But you're not listening and I don't know how much more patience I can have for your blatent refusal to listen to reason.

    In fact, since you seem to think your assumptions are so good, you can borrow my signiture and use your own name. Thanks!
  12. Hmm.. having a bad day? -_-a

    Dude, I'm not ignoring nor purposely not listening to what you're saying. You don't have to be patient if you don't have it in you. What's the point of having forums if you think that you're the only one right and everyone should only listen to you? Well, everyone is saying many different things here (and I'm listening to everybody, weighing their ideas), so why and how should I decide who to listen to? The number of post msg you put up makes you the ultimate authority in this forum? No, I don't think so. I'm hearing everybody out. And I'm learning on the way. What's wrong with that? Did you know everything in every aspect when you made your first rig?

    So you're thinking PSU, so okay, PSU. Did I say, "No, my PSU rocks and it was free too!!! Don't mess with my PSU, it's the love of my life!!!"? I don't recall saying anything like that. I know it sucks and I know my case sucks. Well, the new x800 pro that I bought sucks too. There you go.

    But what do I do but live with what I've got. Take what they give and make something out of it. Ju-no-wut-im-sayin'.

    I'm the one with the broken computer here, so don't take it out on me, please.
  13. Ok start over.
    How many watts is your power supply? (sorry i just found it 350watts)
    Does your X800pro have a 4pin molex connector or a 6pin?
    What was the previous card?
    Does the computer work with the old video card still? (found this answer too)
    What else have you added to this system?
    Are you doing a fresh install of your OS or changing out video cards?
    If you are not doing a new install you need to uninstall the previous drivers first.
  14. Not anything like that, it was just your statement that it absolutely had to be a video card vs motherboard AGP voltage incompatibility, which I know isn't the case.

    Oh heck, it could be a few things, but the one problem you said it absolutely was, I know for certain it isn't.
  15. Well, written words come out differently than oral communication. No hard feelings, man. And thanks for keep on trying. I'm grateful for all the help I'm getting. Even yours.

    Okay, going with your idea, what do you think I should do? Buy a higher watt PSU? What if it doesn't work with that? I've already spent money on x800 and a new MB. The new MB didn't come yet, and I already know, from your point of view, it won't make a difference.

    Before making more mistakes like this, I want to make sure.
  16. Thanks for trying again.

    X800 PRO has 4 pin connector that should go directly to PSU.
    The previous card was GeForce FX5600 256MB DDR AGP 4X/8X.
    I haven't added anything new.
    I'm doing a fresh install of everything.
    I just received my new ASUS MB 'cause I RMA'd it.
    Also RMA'd my CPU.

    What do you think about the PSU suggestion?
  17. Like I said, it could be a few things, I just picked the low quality power supply as being most likely. Quality can be a big issue as a power supply with too much ripple will cause instability or non-booting.

    Other things it could be include a bad board, or a bad graphics card. Less likely candidates include the RAM, which is far from likely since it's working with the other card.

    Your board actually supports drives as large as you can find. Really. The on-chipset ATA controller supports 48-bit addressing with any recent BIOS version. In fact, I'm fairly certain that 48-bit addressing BIOS came out before your board did.

    So it turns out that every assumption was erronious. You should start asking questions before making assumptions. As for your non-functional graphics card, so long as the system works properly (except for the graphics artifacts) using the old card, the first thing I'd look at is the power supply.
  18. Thanks. I'll get a better PSU and try again.
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