Added SATA drive with ATA/100 and 2 DVD Burners . . .

I just installed a new SATA 150 Seagate 300 gig drive into my system after my ATA/100 160 gig Western Digital drive crashed. (2nd one to do so in the past year and a half!) Installed the SATA drive on connector 1 of my motherboard and have a ATA/100 200 gig Western Digital drive on first IDE connector set as master. On the second IDE connector on the motherboard I have two DVD Burners one set as master and one as slave.

When I boot up and look at the bios I see all the drives and DVD's, and when I boot up in Safe Mode I see all the drives and DVD's, but when I boot in normal mode I don't see the DVD Burners. (Running WindowsXP Pro W/SP2.)

I am booting with the SATA Drive as the boot drive, and have success by putting the SATA Drive on the second SATA connector, the 200 gig drive on the first IDE set as master, and one DVD Burner on the second IDE set as master. I have the SATA configured in the bios to the "enhanced" setting which says it's supposed to recognize 6 IDE devices.

What am I doing wrong? Do I need to boot from the ATA/100 drive and not the SATA drive? Is what I'm trying to do even possible? Notice a great speed increase booting from the new SATA 150 drive over the old ATA/100 drive so would like to keep the SATA as my primary/boot drive.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. And what happens if not set to enhenced?
  2. Quote:
    And what happens if not set to enhenced?

    I think it's worse. I've tried so many different settings and got so many different results. Heck, if I set it to "Auto" it doesn't even recognize the SATA drive. Think one of the other settings is "Combined", and that makes things worse if I remember correctly.

    I have downloaded the latest BIOS for my motherboard but have some business stuff I have to get done, printed out, and backed up before I try burning the new BIOS. (Can't tell what my current version is and don't think I'll be able to go back if the new BIOS creats problems.)
  3. Finally gave up. Never could get the system to recognize more than 3 devices; 1 200 gig Western Digital Drive, 1 Plextor Dual Layer DVD Burner, and the 300 gig Seagate SATA Drive. Had to hook them up on separate cables with all set to primary. When I tried to hook up the second DVD Burner as a slave on the same cable as the first DVD Burner the system wouldn't boot WindowsXP. It would boot up and allow me to enter setup mode and all the drives were listed, but when I tried to boot up Windows it would just continually try to reboot but never actually accomplished the task.

    I took the 300 gig Seagate 16 meg cache SATA Drive back to Fry's today and exchanged it for the 400 gig Seagate 16 meg ATA/100 Drive. Extra 100 gig in ATA/100 only ended up costing me $20.00 more than the 300 gig SATA drive so I think I'll be one happy camper as soon as I get a chance to install the new drive and get all my programs back up and running.
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