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Can i ask when to overclock the p4 3ghz prescott 775, when need to increase its voltage? Is it only increase the clock without increase the voltage will make the system hang? And also when OC the cpu need to configure the voltage for the ram also? My cpu full load is at 55-60 degree using Ttake Big thyphoon! The temp is quite high although with tat cooler! Is it suitable for me to OC? I decided to OC to 3.4 or 3.6 GHz? can anyone tell me how to set voltage and the clock speed?

my mobo
Abit AA8Duramax 925x
corsair 512Mb raM
Gecube x300
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  1. u have a presHOT, which isn't good for overclocking, and you say that WITH a big thyphoon you have on stock speed temperatures op 55-60°C, did u used enouf therminal paste? my 2.4ghz northwood runs at 3.0ghz with a max of 60°c (overclocked already...) i don't think that it is a good idea for u to overclock by this temperatures, when did you installed your big thyphoon, maybe its full of dust...
  2. About two month I get the cooler. I get more high temperature when i use with stock cooler. With full load must over 60 degree and the fan must rotate between 3500-4000 for the stock fan.(very noisy). I think is the wheather here too hot not suitable for over clock. Thanks for your advise.
  3. I have a Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz Socket 478 Prescott and it is HOT also. It's around 63C under load with stock cooler.
  4. that's really odd mine works at 48 C... overclocked w/ stock fan.

    I could probably reach 3.6+ with better ram and cooling.

    [Edit] Actually its a lot cooler now in the winter. And i see u got the presshot... that sucks :?

    At 55... i wouldnt overclock yours any further, unless you get aftermarket cooling with a HUGE copper heat sink.

  5. My P4 530 doesn't even go over 65C at 3.8GHz using the Big Typhoon!
  6. wow! after see your temperature post. So jealous.. My one nope matter how also cant drop till 30 degree.
  7. I think this is what you want:

    should replace your 120mm big typhoon fan.

    Im guessing your running this in a hot climate?
  8. I'm guessing you don't have it mounted perfectly. I've seen reviews publish wildly different numbers. One important factor is to make sure you have ENOUGH paste, as the bottom of these coolers is NOT perfectly flat.
  9. This is my first post here, I've been sneaking around for awhile but this post hit home, so I figured I'd share my results with similar hardware. This screencap is from one night, when the windows were open so the room was a little colder then normal, and under minimal load.

    This is after using the rig for a while.

    A few things, using too much thermal compound can hurt your heat dissipation just as much as too little. Secondly, the mounting brackets are a ho to get in place make sure you have them tight.
  10. my P4 3.0Ghz Prescott is overclocked to 3.22Ghz right now, and its currently about 21C/70F. I've overclocked it to 3.48Ghz and run it at full load for a while and during the stress it goes up to about 35C, but reduce the load and it goes back to 27C. Sitting idle it will run at about 23-25C with that overclock. Ambient is about 70F/21C. That's a rough estimate of F to C conversion btw. :)
  11. I think i should give u guy see my temp monitor. It now room temp v 34C(still no quite hot in my country, sometime till 38C). But now not the hostest. later i will post the hotest temp.

    idle temp

    full load temp

    What u guy think with my this temperature with big thyphoon? I afraid is the fan no installed properly.

    my mobo
    Abit AA8Duramax 925x
    P4 3GHZ
    corsair 512Mb raM
    Gecube x300
    80GB WD HD
  12. Those temps are a little high but Intel chips can handle mass amounts of heat. First off, let me say that the prescotts use more power because they're clocked higher than their AMD counterparts. What this means is, you guessed it, more heat.

    I use the same processor and even with the stock cooler, my temps never went that high at all. Although you live in a hot environment, you can still cool it. What I would do is take the heatsink off and clean off the thermal paste. You can use a touch of rubbing alcohol for this. Remove it from the heat sink and the top of the CPU. Then, use arctic silver 5 or equivalent when you reinstall the heatsink.

    I prefer to use zalman coolers because they're quiet, well made and keep my prescott nice and cool. Everybody always says the prescotts are hot but as with any processor, if they're setup right, they will run cool and perform well.

    My specs and temps
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