New build locks up! Need help

I am building a new P4 640 3.2 my first intel build.

I had some problems at first boot with Sata being setup for raid, changed that. got the system to boot XP Pro and got to the HDformat and the system locked up.

Now the computer will run for 3-5 minutes then lock up. I have to wait 5-10 minutes for it to beable to restart and not be locked.

The last time I restarted I went into the setup and watched the cpu temp. It started at around 95F and when the computer locked up the temp was 114F. Is this to hot?

Any idea what I should try?

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  1. Check the setting in your bios make sure everything is at stock settings for your hardware and ram timings are in spec too. Sometimes bios from the manufacture are 1st verison's and therefore need an update or ( flashing )

    check to see what bios version you have then check manufactures site on that mobo. NOTE: ( I'd recommend you flash via the floppy drive read up on it before you do so :!:
  2. The bios settings look correct. But are v1.10 and the current one is v1.30. I the computer only runs for 3-5 minutes before it locks will I be able to flash in that much time? How do I check the memory timings? I am not up on that.

    This is what I have.

    ASRock 775Duel-880Pro
    P4 640 3.2
    ATI Radeon 9600PRO AGP 128MB
    Thermaltake 430
    Corsair Value Select 1GB (2-512's)
  3. try this first. Shut down the pc and remove the power cable from back of the psu. Look up in your manufactures provided book on the mobo how to reset the cmos. WAIT 10sec while clearing the cmos. after that try to load windows. If it still locks up try this!

    If you can, read and download the v1.30 bios you should need 2 ea floppy's ( 3.5) Make a bootable floppy( to do this and hopefuly you have another computer with xp) stick the floppy in the drive after you have booted up the computer and are at windows desktop! double click on ( my computer) right click on ( A: ) drive select format and make bootable disk.

    Next download the new bios to a different disk and then READ READ the manufactures instructions on how to flash the bios and follow it to the letter!

    hopefully your computer will not lock because you will not be booting or loading windows while doing this, hopefully this will solve your headache :wink:
    if not you mite need to try a different copy of window or RMA the mobo :evil: hope this helps!
    good luck
  4. I reset the cmos and now when I start the computer I get nothing! Fans turn on but no leds on keyboard (cap, num lock), and the monitor stays in sleep mode.

    Looks like the MB is going back. :roll:

  5. sorry dude, sometimes you get a lemon :(
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