Athlon 64 X2 4800 or Athlon 64 FX 57?

Hey everyone. I currently run an AMD 64 3500+ with 1G of Corsair XMS, an ASUS A8V Deluxe MB, and a 256MB Geforece FX 5950 Ultra video card. I use my computer for everything pretty much including games. My computer runs games fine for the most part. I'm not able to run new games like Call of Duty 2 and FEAR on their maximum settings. The main reason I'm looking at the X2 is because I'm a pilot and I run MS Flight Simulator 2004 all the time. Along with FS I'm also running on the side an advanced weather generating engine called Active Sky and an advanced ATC program called RADAR CONTACT. I just ordered another Gig of Corsair XMS Xtreme memory, still waiting for it, and I also have alot of add-on programs that are installed directly into Flight Sim. Add-ons such as aircraft and land, water, and weather graphics. The system runs pretty good when running all three programs together but I feel that there is some room for improvement. The Athlon FX is advertised as being engineered specifically for gaming but its not a dual core chip and costs $300 more than the X2 4800. I'm an AMD all the way kind of guy. I refuse to purchase an Intel. Call me narrow-minded if you'd like but I stand by AMD. Basically I need help deciding which chip to go with or would it be better if I just waited to upgrade. Please help. Thanks. P.S. I also have a 420watt power supply. Will that still be enough with the X2. It runs perfectly fine right now.
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  1. first off what I would suggest is to get the x2. If you typically run more than one program it might be the way to go. The fx is a great processor however the multitasking ability isnt even close to that of the x2. The trick is to equalize the parts. In your current system you might want another gig of memory which you already apparently bought. I would however go this route. Get the x2 and with the remaining money get a new gpu....7800 gt. If im not mistaken the 5950 has much fewer pixel pipelines and its build is left in the dust. Anyhow that is just me.
  2. I'm also a pilot (Bomber pilot to be exact) but I fly Pacific fighters mostly...

    Its good to see such a dedicated AMD fan, I love AMDs too. If you're running more than one app at a time the X2 will be way better than the FX.(You could wait for the FX-60 which is a dual core but it will be very very expensive) The 2GBs of RAM will be helpful when running multiple apps so you're fine there.

    Next thing you have to upgrade, especially with a flight sim is your GFX card. Now if i'm not misstaken Flight sim 2004 is a DirectX based game(Even if its not I would still go with ATI), so you'll need to go the ATI route and don't even consider any nVidia card (nVidia cards are a bit better at OpenGL games than ATi but I still wouldn't get one). My suggestion would be to go for an X1800XL or an X1800XT if you have the cash. The XT will be much better for a FS so if you're short of cash go for a 4400+ and get the XT. I have suggested powercolor cause they are my first choice of card brand and i've never had any problems. The XT is a monster card and for a FS it will be worth the money!! :wink:
  3. well as for right now ati is way behind nvidia. It is evident from the toms graphics card charts. I would use that for your review if I where you. If you know anything about overclocking then go with a opteron dual core instead of those high end processors. Dont waste your money on the top of the line model because the price hike is rediculous. If you go x2 then go with the 4400 because the cache is 1mx2 rather than 512x2. Opterons have a better oc potential although it is possible to get go oc possiblities from a x2 as well. That would be smarter.
  4. Hey another Great AMD fan
    i suggest a AMD X2... Maybe a 4400+ coz it will be much cheaper....Fx is usually for games.. but in your situation X2 is much better
  5. If you want more performance in CoD2 and FEAR a new CPU won't do much. You need a new video card if you want any notable increase in performance.
  6. First since you run multiple apps at the same time I would go for an X2 or opteron dual core.

    Second your motherboard has an agp slot. It sounds like you are planning to keep this so the best video card you can get is and nvidia 6800gs or an ati 850xt. unless you change your motherboard.

    Third your power supply is ok for what you have. Although you should upgrade to a new one with the 2.01 spec basically has 24pins if you upgrade your motherboard.

    Forth 2 gigs of ram could never hurt.

    Fifth if you are planning to keep the motherboard check you manual to see if it supports the new fx series or dual core.
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