New system freezes Epox 9npa+Ultra w/ AMD 64 X2 4400+

The system seems to run fine for a bit while I install Windows XP, and then it invariably freezes at some point. Sometimes it freezes while installing SP2, sometimes it just freezes before SP2 installation when I'm in the middle of going through the start menus for the system tools.

So far, after a half-dozen attempts, I've never gotten as far as finishing installing SP2. It seems to freeze during the cleanup phase (if it gets that far).

Even during the freeze, the display on the mobo is reading "FF" (dandy and fine).

I've already tried shutting off the onboard USB, after reading some posts on other forums. I've also tried several different BIOS versions.

Anyone have any suggestions, other than "PULL!...BANG!"?

Epox 9NPA+Ultra
Athlon 64 X2 4400+
OCZ EL Platinum Revision 2 1GB (2 x 512MB) PC3200
eVGA 256-P2-N517-AX Geforce 7800GT 256MB PCI-Express
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  1. <Open window> drop-kick! :lol:


    Have you reset BIOS since trouble started?

    Is the BIOS new enough for the X2 or does it need an update?

    How are system temps?

  2. 've seen the same problem with the original BIOS (June '05) and with two newer versions, the latest being 12/22/05. Also the system temps look good...33-35 C for system, 40 C for CPU.
  3. Download memtest86, burn it onto a CDR, boot up and let it run for as long as possible.

    If you have bad or flaky RAM memtest86 will find it!

    If memtest finds errors try adjusting your memory timings until there are no errors.

    You can also try increasing your DRAM voltage but that can be dangerous and cause damage to your components so don't do it unless you are fine with that.

    You can also try Knoppix :D You can download it below or pick up a disk on ebay.....

    If Knoppix is stable then you know it's not a hardware problem but a software problem (winblows driver issues perhaps?). If Knoppix crashes too then it's most likely a hardware issue.

    Good luck!
  4. Ok, try Memtest like linux_0 and hope that turns something up.

    What PSU do you have? (brand and wattage/model pls)

  5. I think fishmahn may be on to something here :-)

    That motherboard has a 24pin ATX V2.0 connector and a P4 +12V connector.

    I believe you either have to plug in a 20pin ATX AND the P4 +12V or just a 24pin ATX V2.0 connector. I may be wrong about this so PLEASE check your manual carefully!

    If your Power supply is not working correctly or not providing enough power or clean power that could be causing all kinds of issues.

    Your X2 4400+ and 7800GT are definitely drawing quite a bit of power so you gotta have a nice power supply.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

    It's got a new Antec Sonata II case, with a 450W SmartPower 2 PSU. I could run out to Fry's or something and try something more robust. Wou you think that PSU wouldn't be enough?

    The 24-pin plug AND the additional 4-pin plug are both plugged in.
  7. :D

    Hmm.... that is a nice PSU. It should have more than enough power....

    Are you using the special PWR connector for the 7800?

    Have you been able to run memtest or try Knoppix?

    Good luck!
  8. Memtest ran through a complete cycle with no problems. I'm on Knoppix now, with no problems yet. By the way, Knoppix is really nice! I'm impressed. I was planning a dual-boot of Fedora Core 4 once I got the system working, but I may want to rethink that for now at least.

    Right now I'm looking for linux stuff to make the system work a bit to see how stable it is.

    I'll run memtest when I go to bed tonight, but so far things look good.
  9. :D

    Both Knoppix and Fedora Core 4 are very nice.

    FC4 is way better / faster because it runs from your hard drive instead of having to read everything from the CD or DVD and uncompress on the fly.

    Knoppix is great if you just want to diagnose a problem or run Linux on a machine without FC4, ubuntu or whatever installed.

    I would strongly urge you to use the FC4 x86_64 DVD

    The 64bit version runs a LOT better and faster on AMD64 CPUs than the i386 version :D

    If you have any questions or need help feel free to message me privately :-)
  10. PS You could run tuxracer (under games) that should use up quite a bit of resources. There's also a million other things you could run too.
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