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I am currently in the middle of a case mod project. I am working on some case art and am trying to enlarge an image to the size of 11 inch wide and 13 inches long. The original is quite a bit smaller and it is digital. I am trying to see if anyone knows a way in which to enlarge it to my required size without ruining the image quality as I plan on printing it on special backlit paper. Please help. Thanks
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  1. Photoshop does a fairly good job of enlarging images while reducing pixelation.

    That's the problem with digital images, doubling the image size also doubles the pixel size.
  2. SO then if i want to keep it very sharp then my best bet would likely be to just have the image redrawn eh.
  3. If the original were a photo, you could scan it at increased DPI and blow it up smoothly that way. Now if you print out the digital copy, it would loose quality, so don't bother unless you have the original.
  4. Nah I dont have the original image unfortunately. Thanks for your help crash.
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