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Well I have one that I cannot figure out for the life of me and I wonder if there are any l33t people out there who know print servers. I dont have much hope of anyone here figuring out what to do but I figure that I would ask. I have a Psus4 and a hp5550. The print server is hardwired to the wrt54g router. For some reason when I set it up and print the printer will print for a second and then freeze with the lights on the print server and on the printer blinking. It is like the printer is getting confused. It will print however if i am in the printserver options and tell it to print a test page it works flawlessly. I cant figure out what the problem is and the morons at linksys are confused and same with hp. Not surprised there!
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  1. Try setting up the printer on your client machine to use jetdirect on port 9100. This means you must define a new printer port as a standard tcp/ip printer with your printserver's ip address. I have the psus4 hooked up to an hp laserjet 3015 and I use this method to print.

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