Help me out homies.

I'm searching for a ATX mobo with pci express video card, S ATA II, and good onboard sound. Obviously needs to be 939 amd.. needs to be extremely stable. NO OCING is going to be done on this..

Seems easy to find.. but every board i come across is either 150+ with SLI(which i don't need for this person) and/or gets many terrible reviews.
I'd like it to be great out of the box... so i don't have to mess with Northbridge fans and all that garbage that i'd do on my own pc...
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  1. Yea I was looking at a few Epox boards as well.. these are all new boards for me.. i'm fairly new to the amd64 game.. they look good on paper.. but honestly i've had no experience with Foxconn and Epox.. both look good.. but are they?

    MSI cannot be trusted. Out of the last 9 years of me building computers i've used nearly 10 MSI boards for Intel/AMD and haven't been happy with one yet.
    Asus is on shaky ground with me as well.. but i would consider going back. I just need a ROCK stable board.

    Sorry for posting this here too, i haven't been her for awhile since the new forumz and crap.. so i didn't see the motherboard general down there :(.
  2. Sorry pal can't help you I don't have any experience with Foxconn or Epox yet. But MSI is really not reliable. You will have to wait for somebody else to tell you which mobo is more reliable.
  3. If you are truly looking for something solid, and looking for SATA-II onboard, you are likely going to end up using a board based on nForce 4 and SLI technology in order to acheive those goals, meaning you will end up spending 150+ on the board. This is just the way it is, at current.

    My question is: do you NEED SATA-II? If not, there are good nForce 4 boards with single PCI-E and SATA that would suit your purpose. Seriously think about whether SATA-II interface is a must, expecially since most SATA-II drives only run at about 2/3 of the SATA-I interfaces maximum transfer rate. The only thing you might gain out of using a SATA-II interface is the NCQ functionality.
  4. I can't speak much for the epox boards, but I have dealt with some of the offerings from biostar, foxconn, and jetway in the past. I have not had any dealings with any of their recent boards though. Most of their socket A boards were ok. I don't recall having any issues with them. Hope that helps you out some.
  5. What about the abit an8-ultra $129 with heatpipe instead of fan on the northbridge. Abit An8-ultra

    Or the abit kn8 ultra $105 but has a northbridge fan. Kn8-ultra

    I have the a an8-ultra and its rock solid for me, it has the uguru chip for overclocking but you do not have to use it. Kn8 is almost the same as the an8.

    Onboard sound is also good and its not sli and has sata II.
  6. IMO either one of those would be fine. ABIT is a good manufacturer. I have used them for some of my own builds in the past and I have never been disappointed.
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