Power Supply failing while on ups o_O

Hi, a month ago my computer was restarting for no reason. It wasn't a crash since windows didn't even know it was going down (no event's log).
It's the same restart as when a computer overheat. It just cut the power and reboot.

I suspected corrupted ram so i did several system checks, removed both stick to see wich one was faulty and even exchanged them with another computer. Wasn't the ram.

Then i suspected the Power Supply but when i plugged it directly in the wall. The computer was fine o_O.

Back then i was connected to a APC ES500, it has a 300W power output with the battery so i switched yesterday for a ES650 (390W). My power supply is a ThermalTake 360W so this UPS should hold the load with no problems.

So today i switched back the computer from the wall to the UPS and it restarted again for no reason o_O

How can a power supply dislike UPS after a year and a half being on one?
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  1. Don't know if you are still looking for any input on this but what the heck...check the UPS! They can go bad too.
    I don't have any suggestions for checking the UPS except to try another one and see if you have the same results. Borrow one from a friend.
  2. check your Battery in the UPS ( test it ) unplug the backup while the computer is on and see what happens! It could be that the Battery got a memory to say and will no longer supply the requied wattage to provide for proper shut down of the PC. Heance could be the reason for the random reboots!
    Your backup is supposed to provide proper power if the outlet is to drop below the required voltage on the wall outlet ( happens alot here in my house ) outlet may have power but not enough sometimes to much
    good luck
  3. Dump the UPS. Use regular surge protection.

    Basic UPS cant handle my load since I got a 550 watt PS and other lovely power hungry components, AND a 19" CRT monitor (I'm cheap). But even if I had lower wattage, I don't use UPS anymore. The typical battery pack can't handle modern systems, and they're unreliable in my experience.
  4. hope lighting strike's your house and turns you el cheepo pc into a molten mess...you idiot

    without the backup you could see more system instability, random reboots due to undervoltage from the wall plug. and not the mention over voltage that can fry your pc

    currently running a 580w psu with active pfc 2ea 6800ultra's in sli with 4 HD in a raid and one CRT. And I've paid a little over $100 for my backup and have plenty of backup power to run it for 15min

    damn KNUB!!!!!!!!
  5. Are you out there Xephon? The APC website has some information that may help you sort this out. One of the questions I have about your UPS is about the warning lights/sounds. Does anything happen to the UPS when the computer fails?

    Here is another question, what do you have plugged into the UPS and specifically what do you have plugged into the battery backup outlets of the UPS? It is recomended not to plug a printer into the battery backup outlets.
  6. Hi, i tried almost all your suggestions but i didn't solve any problem.

    I currently have plugged in: Speakers(5.1), Screen (17'), the computer (360w ps) and a lamp. This setup was working perfectly for a year or so.

    If the Power fail (or if i just unplug it from the wall outlet), everything is fine the battery instantly kick in. (even with the computer open).

    I tried another UPS (model 1600 from APC) and it did the same thing.

    I found out the wave a UPS send to the power supply aren't "natural" one and will damage it (the one coming from the wall outlet is a sinusoid while the one coming out of the ups is made of squares).

    I guess i will just switch my powersupply.
  7. sounds like a weird psu problem..let me know how it turns out :?
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