HELP! Computer locks up after cpu upgrade

Hello, I am sure someone else has run into this problem but here it is. I just upgraded my compaq celeron 600mhz computer to a 1.2ghz celeron. I had to use a FC-PGA2 to FC-PGA convertor for Tualatin core cpu with a heatsink and fan. I have also installed a 60gb HDD a few months back and have since hooked up a new 15" flat panel monitor. These are the only two changes to the system. I will say its a huge improvement over the 600mhz cpu. But after about 10-15 min while on the net the computer will freeze, the only way to free it is with a hard boot. I am thinking its my power supply is not sufficent enough as its a 145w factory. After one shutdown I felt the heatsink and it was not hot, so I do not think its getting to hot unless maybe the HDD is ? I have ordered a 400w power supply which should be here anytime. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Dave :?:
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  1. Yes, My motherboard does support the new cpu it, Bios is current as well. Maybe another thought the HDD's are too close and overheating.

    Thanks for the reply
  2. The PSU sounds like a reasonable idea. However, check to see if there are new chipset drivers (from the MB mfg) and CPU drivers (from Intel).
  3. If you think your power supply is right on the edge as far as having enough power... why not unplug the power cable to your CD-ROM/DVD, your floppy and unhook any non-critical USB devices... boot and see if you're able to get past your lockup... also, I always like to run Memtest86 when things seem a bit crazy.
  4. I tried unplugging one of my hard drives and that didnt see to change anything I also unplugged my cd burner and didnt changed. I think the psu is part of the problem and maybe the HDD is overheating, but I was running both hard drives toegther with the 600mhz processor with no problems. The heatsink is positioned IAW the manufacture instructions, I still have 386mb of free ram so memory's not an issue. I will check again for drivers, there is none for the motherboard as its from Compaq MOD 06C0H but I will check again for the CPU. Thank you for all the input.

  5. Memtest86 tests for bad memory modules... although based on what you describe I don't think that's your problem.

    I had a P3-800 way back in the day that had unusual lockups and bluescreens at random intervals... a new power supply resolved all of that systems issues and it's still in use today by my step-dad. Good luck!
  6. I ran memtest no problems there, I am frustrated. Help.. :x

  7. Hi..,

    .... found this reference, thought it 'might' help.., in case you haven't come across this page yet. :?

  8. Thanks, Yeah been there done that. :(
  9. Um... if you can try tipping the voltage up just a notch.. to increase stability, I had similar problems with my slot1 to FC-PGA2 Powerleap adapter(Celly1200) Windows 98SE might not like it if you do it, but that could be just my mobo at the time.
  10. Thanks I will try that if I am able to, I am running winxp upgrade from win98se maybe XP is the problem.

    Dave :wink:
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