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Last response: in Graphics & Displays
January 7, 2006 7:44:20 PM

Purchased and installed this card in my PC on Dec.21/05
Screaming fast(10238 3DMarks) this card has all kinds of optional settings to enhance the picture.Price has dropped below a thousand (Canadian) here in Toronto.Looking forward to SLI this system:
AMD64 4800X2
Corsair 3500 Pro 1gigX2
WD740 RaptorsX2 Raid 0
Enermax Liberty 620W
Creative X-fi Platinum
Thermalright SI-120
SilenX 120mm 14dbX3
Dell 24in LCD
Lian-Li V1000b+
WinXP pro
This is my first good build and I am in awe of its prowess.
Bundling this video card with the King Kong game is a perfect match.Nice.
Some issues at the outset but all is well with the CPU@2.6Mhz and the card core@600Mhz memory@1.8Mhz !!

More about : asus en7800gtx 512mb king kong

January 8, 2006 12:07:59 AM

glad to hear it
January 8, 2006 10:37:25 AM

Perhaps to spare potential owners some mental anguish I will impart the particular issue with this card at the outset of installation.
Original PSU was an Antec SmartPower 450W.During the boot(all hardware at default settings) an overdose of artifacting ensued accompanied by a system lockup.After a couple resets it would boot properly.
Upgraded the PSU to the Enernmax 620W SLI rated unit.Dissapointingly after windows loaded, on screen pop up:
Nvidia system sentinel(<-cursed)reports low power to graphics card ,system has lowered card requirements (underclocked) to prevent damage.
Tested PSU pci-e rail and mobo slot both were good.Used DriverCleanerPro to remove nvidia drivers and tried using the boxed CD based drivers,Asus web drivers,Nvidia drivers and finally NGO optimized drivers,all to no avail.
Horrendous lockups occurred,fortunately safe mode could be accessed and if the VGA was disabled in device manager it would boot after a couple resets,in short enough to have you tear out some hair after dropping a grand on this piece.
Boxed up complete system and drove to retailer.Pulled vid card and placed it in retailer test system.Same bunk.Retailer gets a brand new card ,serial numbers indicate it is a different batch and guess what?
Nvidia system sentinel owns all your base.Third card lucky; popped it right into my system(after 1.5 hours shop deciphering)and no pop up warning!Now all your base are belong to me...take care all!Runs like a dream now!(Also a supposed workaround patch to kill false warning is available,I have it but it didn't work for me)