Best X2 Chip to achieve a decent (2.6) OC

Hi all,

I am in the market to spend some money on upgrading to an Athlon 64 X2 (or Opteron Dual-Core) Skt 939 machine...but I am unsure whats the best way to go...

First things first to give me the best chance of overclocking I will be purchasing a DFI Lanparty UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert to plonk it in, I already own 2x 512Mb sticks of Geil Ultra-X TCCD based PC4400 ram (best of both worlds - 2-2-2-5 if I cant overclock and headroom for 275Mhz if I can!). I want to put in a 7800GT card of some description and I've already got a Akasa Paxpower 460W PSU. I'd cool the chip with an Artic Cooler Pro 64 (best air cooler I've read many times). myself a good foundation....which chip is best for bang-per-buck overclocking?

I've heard the 1.8Ghz Opty 165 is excellent but IF it proves not to overclock well I'm left with a low clocking chip!

I was considering an x2 4200+ - 2.2Ghz stock and I've heard a reasonable 2.64Ghz can be run on these babies easily....

I am aiming at about 2.6Ghz if at all possible, 1:1 divider probably. I run my system nearly all the time 24x7 and need summit that will be a robust overclock (my 2.6Ghz P4C Northwood decided after 2 years of running @ stock volts and 3.25Ghz totally bullet proof that it wouldn't do that anymore and now is only stable @ stock speeds..grrrr).

I realise this is impossible to know for sure (luck of the draw and all that), but I would appreciate hearing about others experience's; temps, volts needed and overclocks achieved for how long now...


Any recommendations on best processor and steppings?

Many thanks in advance...

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  1. x2 3800 @ 2.52, 1.52v
    abit kn8 nf4
    2x512mb geil vaule pc3200 ddr @ 333 2.5cl, 1t (skimpped on the ram, but i already had it)

    off hand, i think idle temp: 32C, load: 41C
    stock hsf
    system is in my basement, where room temps are around 60F. i keep my basement relatively cool by not running my furnace... eh heating bills arent pretty when i run it.

    been running this setup since late november. i will run my system for days without a shutdown occassionally. so far no problems... *crosses fingers*
  2. Get the opty. The peak total MHZ will be roughly the same (often a bit higher with the opty actually) but ya got more L2 cache per core so its stronger. Also, you wont use as much Vcore as that to get that kinda speed. In fact with 1.5V you should get around 2.7ghz per core with that cooler you got, your right it is a beast. 2.7ghz per core AND 1MB L2 per core. im in the process of doing the same setup. Good ram btw. I got the patriot Samsung TCCD. Upgrading to the 2 Gig kit of similar class though. What motherboard ya got? You will get about 300mhz if ya use the 9x multiplier and a 5/4 memory ratio or running 1/1 you might get 275 if your ram can handle it, although EVERYTHING will be stressed out by then. Around 265 or so might be more feasable, maybe 270 but then you'll be a 2700mhz 1MB L2 x 2 so it'll ROCK :D


    Btw, post yoru finished product in this thread so we can follow up.
  3. I have a 175, but the 170 supposedly can hit 2.9 to 3.1GHz...
    The 165, 175 and 180's top out around 2.7GHz....

    Anyway, the fastest stable overclock I can reach is 2680; I seem to hit a brick wall at around 2700 MHz.
    Whether I use 11x250 or 10x270 or even 10.5x260 it fails to boot, but if I back it down 5MHz things work pretty good, and it makes no difference at settings CAS 2.5 or 3, using 3, 3, 8, 3, or with just 2 stick or RAM; either way, around 2680 is my overclock limit. But this system is quick and stable; I keep it normally at 2420 MHz (11x220 at 2, 2, 6, 2) 2.8 volts for now. I am pretty sure the overclock limit is the processor and not the memory, but would have liked to see top out well better than a 20% stable overclock with this system, considering the components.
    It gets 4,578 marks in 3DMark06 and 9,652 marks in 3DMark05.
    Overall, I recommend this system to anyone wanting a solid system for gaming, video, or design work.
  4. When i Overclock my 2x 3800, i can get 2.63 with stock volts. But i never keep it that high because under load temps are 55*C. Once i purg on some water cooling or better heatsink ill up vcore and speed. And my RAM is crap compared to yours.
  5. Increasing volts on my Opty over 1.4 volts doesn't seem to help get mine over 2.7GHz... I believe the chip you have has similar limit to mine too. only a precious few are the ones that can break that barrier, but the Opty 170 is the chip that has the highest dual core overclock success with top end averaging 2.9 to 3.1GHz
  6. I also think my crappy MOBO is holding me back too. When i did try to increase vcore it would crash when i increase the minimum. 1.35 to 1.375! Or my RAM crapped out on me lol
  7. Something is not right with is not taking a bit more voltage for sure...
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