Need Help Please !!!

Hi I have both

Geforce 6600 256mb DDR


Diamond Viper Radeon 9600XT 256MB DDR AGP 8X VGA

Which one would you guys use and which one would you return


TB :lol:
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  1. Both are targeted at the midrange segment. However the 9600XT is
    a second generation midrange. So in this case the 6600 would be the card to keep. Especially if it is DDR2, I'm seeing some people posting great overclocks.
  2. Iwould keep the 6600 and overclock it. (not if it's the 6600le)

    it has newer technologie in it ps3+vs3 and 8pixel pipes.

    They score mostly the same in games (except for doom3)

    The 6600 will take you further in time. :wink:
  3. Thanks

    but how do you overclock it?
  4. download rivatuner or coolbits
    follow their instructions
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