Help me to find the right VGA Card

I'm a newbie about computer so i don't know anything deeply about it. Anyway, I 'm a gamer and i need great performance. The problem is my budget is not big enough( about $300 for VGA card) so could anyone give the best option for me?I don't wanna upgrade for about 2 years but the games can be played at medium or low performance without LAG
Is ABIT AL-8 a good choice for gamer?(i don't need SLI)
Is Kingston DDR-2 PC-4300 1GB have a great performance?

BTW, I'm from Indonesia so please forgive me if you can't understand my english very well.
Thanks :D
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  1. This is your motherboard .
    I would go with a 7800gt for around 300USD.

    Nothing wrong with your english. :D You spell better than most people.
  2. 7800 gt $299
    afaik evga are a good brand as well
  3. I appreciate your option but the price of Geforce 7800 GT in my country is still high, about $470 and my pocket isn't so well. I only got $600 for upgrading memory,motherboard, and VGA Card.
    I'll upgrade my mobo to ABIT AL-8($175) and memory for Kingston DDR 2 1GB ($88) that means i only got $300 for VGA. I plan to buy Geforce 6800 GT($290). Is that the right option for the next two year if i play the games at least in medium resolution?
  4. of course 6800GT is a great card .....don't worry it could last for about 12 months (don't get me wrong ..I mean it could handle all incoming games on max details) can run all of your games on HIGH ...not medium ...

    may be you should search for 6800 Ultra ...
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