Will 300+ chocke a 7800gt?

here are my system specs :oops:

3000+ venice
MSI NF3 board
Antec Truepower 420
2X 512 fast patriot ram
2x 256 old kingston hyperX
AIW 9800 AGP

I just got battlefield 2 and it seems the 9800 is starting to show its age. Im on a tight budget so i was thinking of getting the DFI SLI expert and a eVGA 7800gt, and then upgrading to an opteron 165 as funds become available and the 165 drops in price. So my question is, will PC take a hit from a low clocked CPU, and what would get me better performance later on, the opteron or another 7800gt. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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  1. lol jsut OC that 3000 (1.8 G) into a 2.4G then it won't bottle neck any video card out there, and this can be acheived quiet easily, and later on a opertron s939 could reach 3.2G (single core, you have to be luckey and get one of them super chips...)

    and wow.... you are on a budget??!!....

    if i can afford a 7800gt i'm happy, but a dfi expert too?!.......

    BTW DFI is NOT noob friendly, its got litterly hundreds of bios setting (any one heard of Write recovery time (Twr?) b4 DFI?) and with a 60 page manual that included 6 or 7 languages.... (no bios setting waht so ever) so make sure that you are ready for a DFI mobo b4 you buy it, if you jsut want somethign that lookes nice, get something from Abit (Fatal1ty........) or that ASUS stuff

    DFI is not plug and play, its plug, tweak, test, tweak, over and , over and over then play, but it will play at 2x the normal speed 8)
  2. Let me make a couple suggestions.

    1st, ditch that old kingston hyperx RAM if the timings are slower than the Patriot RAM. I know all u Battlefield fan boys think that >1GB of RAM increases battlefield performance- but benchmarks have shown it doesn't. You'll get more a performance gain using memory with the same timings.

    2nd, unless ur gonna overclock ur CPU, an opteron 165 ain't gonna do a whole lot fer ya. And it's certainly not worth blowing another $300 just so u can say u have an opteron. Ur current CPU and the opteron are nearly identical.

    3rdly, ur PC won't take a huge hit hit w/ ur current CPU. Look at the CPU charts on this site and look at the difference in frame rates between ur 3000+ Venice and a 4000+ venice. In 3DMark2005, there's an 80 point difference between the two. 80 points! That's nothing. In Doom 3 there's like a 2 FPS difference. See here: http://www.tomshardware.com/2005/11/21/the_mother_of_all_cpu_charts_2005/page26.html

  3. Quote:
    opertron s939

    Opteron kid.. O P T E R O N...
  4. I only have the crappy HyperX because World of Warcraft loves to horde a ton of memory... :lol: as far as getting the DFI board i think ill be able to manage once ive done a little research, no need to start throwing the N word around everytime someone asks a question, but thanks everyone for your input.
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